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AUDIO: What Smart Underwear You Have

You read that right, smart underpants are now a thing. A company has developed smart underwear that can keep track of workouts just like your fitness tracker or smartwatch, and they cost about the same! I guess people were tired of being fitbit shamed. This seems a bit extreme.... If you and a...
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AUDIO: "Tanks" for the Wine!

Sometimes a bottle of wine is necessary, but most of us draw the line when it comes to robbing a store for some vino. Not this guy! A man in Russia drove an armored personnel carrier (code for tank) into the window of a shop, climbed through the rubble, and stole a bottle of wine on Wednesday...
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We did it! We played 2018 songs (and then some) in a row. Now we're back and ready to make some more Morning Show gold! Let's start with the important stuff. Chocolate. Sweet, delightful chocolate. Nothing like it in the world. We have to appreciate it, while we can. A new report indicates that...
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AUDIO: The Price of Happiness

Money can't buy you love, or happiness, but if you get enough of it, happiness might not be too far behind. According to a new study of millionaires , it takes $8 million to truly be happy. Researchers at Harvard University found that millionaires who were worth more than $8 million rated...
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AUDIO: Well Hello, 2018!

Got your new year's resolution set? If you, chancers are good it's one of these. Some of the most popular resolutions for 2018 are to sleep more, travel more, learn new things, eat healthy and (no surprise) exercise. Put this on the list of resolutions Casey and Hartwick would never make! According...
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