AUDIO: Where Does the Fat Go?

Ever wonder what happens to the fat in your body when you "burn it off" at the gym? It's not actually burnt up, it actually exits your body in a fairly unlikely place! When your body start's using the energy it has stored in fat, it's converted to carbon dioxide and water . You breathe out the CO2...
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What's the MOST Romantic Gift?

Searching for the perfect, super-romatic valentines day gift? According to a survey by dating site Zoosk, women say tickets to an event is the most romantic gift. Men's idea of romance is a bit simpler, and less expensive, a framed photo is all they want! The most romantic thing you could do, may...
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AUDIO: Rate Your Date

Swiping left seems pretty kind in comparison to leaving an online review! There's now a new app that lets you rate and review your dates. It's called Do I Date , and it's pretty much Yelp, but you review people. Good dates get high marks and positive comments, bad ones may suffer a negative review...
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