Mike Casey

five vacation tips

Five Tips for A Flawless Vacation

Squeezing in a last-minute summer vacation? Or are you the ultimate Type-A organizer, already thinking ahead to the holidays? No matter the motivation, Mike Casey shares some sage advice for planning the perfect getaway. Pearls of wisom, right here.
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Casey and Hartwizzle: After the Show 8.11.16

Ed Sheeran obviously loves Marvin Gaye's Lets Get It On, his hit Thinking out Loud sounds awfully similar. But how does oh-so-millenial Allie Hartwick feel about it, and can Mike Casey show her the classic R&B light? Lets see, shall we?
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Casey and Hartwizzle: After the Show 8.9.16

A new study from MIT suggests that only 53% of the people you would consider friends, feel the same about you. For Intrepid Millenial News Producer Allie Hartwick, this brings one of her biggest fears right to the surface. Mike Casey had no idea he was about to open a giant can of crazy with this...
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Pizza Cam

Will Dance For Pizza

Mike Casey usually spends a decent amount of his time torturing Intrepid Millenial News Producer Allie Hartwick, but on this Friday, he thought he'd try something new. Enter Pizza. Mike was pretty sure she'd freak out when she saw the cheezy deliciousness that awaited her in the studio. He wasnt...
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Allie spills everything

Allie's Got A License to Spill

We've all got our clumsy moments, but Intrepid Millenial News Producer Allie Hartwick seems to have more of them than others. Mike Casey lives in fear that she'll douse the studio, and probably him, at any moment. Hoping to avoid further stains, or serious electrical shock (radio equipment is no...
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Snooki Made A Music Video

You might remember Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi as the young author responsible for the coming-of-age tales A Shore Thing and Confessions of a Guidette ; but more likely, you know her as the girl who got punched in the face at a bar on Jersey Shore. She has added a few more credentials to the 'ol resume...
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The sticky subject of campaign songs

Stop Playing My Song

Every campaign season, politicans pick what they feel is the perfect song to set their party's stage. While candidates are all about this, many musicians are not. In a segment that aired on Last Week Tonight on HBO, John Oliver addressed this quasi-political issue, and let a whole bunch of artists...
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Casey Thought It Was A Joke- Allie Didn't See The Humor. WHOOPS!

Remeber the cute boy or girl from your elementary school? Intrepid millenial news producer Allie Hartwick sure does, and she made the mistake of mentioning him to Mike Casey. Turns out, it's hard to hide on Twitter, and now Allie wants to murder Mike. Hopefully she doesn't, we like having him...
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Star Wars Fans Serenade Composer

The Star Wars theme is iconic. I bet you're singing it to yourself right now. The intergalactic tune was written by John Williams and two fans of the franchise figured out a pretty creative way to meet the legendary composer. Michael Miller and Bryce Hiyashi grabbed their flugelhorn and trumpet,...
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A Typical Morning at 99.5 The Mountain

From 6 to 9AM, Mike Casey's working pretty hard to give you the best morning show this side of the Rocky Mountains. Intrepid Millenial News Producer Allie Hartwick manages to write reports and antagonize Mike, driving him to brand new levels of frustration. Most people are working for the weekend,...
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