Allie Hartwick

While The Boss Was Away Casey and Allie stayed BUSY!

Despite the fact that the honcho Boss lady was out of town last week, Casey and Allie made sure to stay busy like the good little diligent employees they are! Video of What Happens When the Boss Is Gone?
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How To Work With Millennials

Mike Casey's Tips For Working with Millennials

A few weeks back, Allie shared some thoughts about how to effectively work with Gen X'ers (like Mike Casey) Seemed like a response was needed. So, here it is! Mike Casey's tips on working with Millennials! Video of Working with Millenials Related Show/Host: Mike Casey
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Prestige Imports Day At The Track - Part II

Mike Casey hangs with Jeffrey Silverberg, Prestige Imports COO, and Dave Stribling from the Prestige Service Department at "Day At The Track". AND we get the real dirt on who went for a faster ride in the Porsche GT3: Casey or Allie!
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Porsche Driving at High Plains Raceway

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick hit 135mph in a Porsche GT3!

Casey could totally be a race car driver, right? After his first trip at 135 MPH, with Hartwizzle not far behind, he may be second guessing that idea. Video of Casey and Hartwizzle hit 135 MPH Related Show/Host: Mike Casey 9.8.16 High Plains Raceway Byers, CO
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Pam Anderson - Say No To Porn

Pam Anderson is now an Anti-Porn Crusader? WHAAAA?

Mike Casey and Allie try to make sense out of the strangest story of the week. Bonus: Allie uses the word hetero-normative! #brainiac Video of After The Show 9.2.16 Related Show/Host: Mike Casey Allie Hartwick
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Allie's Shirt is bothersome

The Shirt Struggle is Real for Allie

It's always something with Intrepid Millennial News Producer Allie Hartwick. The problem du jour? Her shirt. Something about buttons and shrinking... she talks awfully fast sometimes. Mike Casey, being the kind co-worker he truly is, does his best to understand the issue. Check out the video, maybe...
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It's not easy being Millenial

Tips for Working with Gen X'ers

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick are actually friends, we promise, but sometimes their differences in age make life at The Mountain... well... interesting. Allie feels like she's in the position to lend a helping hand to Millenials everywhere, forced to work alongside those of us who have never...
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Hair Tips from Mike Casey

Hair Tips From Mike Casey

When Mike Casey learned that Allie Hartwick's fiancee planned to grow out his hair, he was quick to offer advice. Having sported many questionable hairstyles over several decades, Casey is just the guy to guide Greg along his follicular journey.
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Voter Registration Text

Text to Vote

November's elections are rapidly approaching. If you haven't registered to vote in Colorado yet, grab your phone and send a text. Texting the word "Colorado" to 28683 will get the whole process started. Seriosuly, couldn't be easier.
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Weird Allie Amish Paradise

Mike Casey & Allie Hartwick - Stupid Allie Tricks

Mike Casey puts up with a lot of strange behavior from Intrepid Millenial News Producer Allie Hartwick. Rather than deal with her antics alone, he's kind enough to start sharing them with you! You are so very welcome.
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