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The Wheel of Rock Weekend on 99.5 The Mountain

The Wheel of Rock Weekend on 99.5 The Mountain

Step right up and spin the Wheel of Rock! This weekend on 99.5 The Mountain, we’re spinning the Wheel of Rock. But what exactly is the Wheel of Rock???

The Wheel of Rock is challenging us to play the kind of songs the Wheel of Rock wants to hear. We’ll spin the wheel, and when it stops – we know what kind of song to play next. It could tell us to do something simple, say … play a Led Zeppelin tune. It could get a little tricky, like requesting a song shorter than two and a half minutes. It might even have some conditions – like demanding a song by a Liverpool band … any band, except the Beatles.  

Round and round it goes, where it’ll stop – nobody knows. But whatever it lands on, we gotta make it happen. We’ll start spinning the Wheel of Rock Saturday and go through Sunday night at 8pm. 

While you're listening to the Wheel of Rock Weekend, be sure to log into The Mountain Insider to register to win KQMT contests! 


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