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Dan Mitchell
Weekdays 3 - 8pm
Sunday 9 - 10am

Dan Mitchell has been talking to Denver’s rock radio listeners for 32 years. He’s been voted favorite rock radio personality by readers of the Denver Post and won numerous Colorado broadcasting honors. Just as he was as a music loving teen, on the radio Dan is that guy who really wants to share the songs he likes with you. Now, his ultimate goal is for you to like them as much as he does! And Dan’s got a rather sizeable music collection to share with you weekday afternoons on The Mountain! Read more...

3 Questions:

1. What is your guilty pleasure television show? Why do you love it?
If by “guilty pleasure” it is implied that I feel a bit naughty after I watch it then my answer has to be Archer on FX. It’s perhaps the smartest and filthiest cartoon in prime time. And the big plus is the nostalgia factor with visions of Bond, Matt Helm and our man Flint dancing in my head. Not to mention all the swingin’ chicks that were part of the package!

2. If you had to choose between a zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion, which would you choose and why?
My answer is Zombies. My first reason is they are slow and stupid. Have you ever seen a fast Zombie…the answer is no. Hey, those creatures in”28 Days Later” don’t count, they were just poor, infected humans…NOT Zombies. Aliens on the other hand are totally unpredictable. I’m not comfortable with them. They might be friendly and speak English like on Star Trek or they might want to pop out of my chest and eat my face. I’m just not going there!

3. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
Born at an Early Age

Click here to see Dan's full answers and an archive of past answers.

The List
5 Songs Inspired by Famous People
How do Joni Mitchell, Andy Kaufman and Elle McPherson factor into today's list? Tune in at 3 for the "Big Reveal" with Dan Mitchell. Catch "The List" every weekday now at it's new time of 3 O'clock! Our House-CSN & Y In Your Eyes-Peter...
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5 Reasons the 70’s was Rock’s Greatest Decade
It was the decade of guitar licks, and legendary albums, and that's just the tip of rock iceberg. Today at 3 on The List, join Dan as he lays out "The 5 reasons the 70's was Rock's Greatest Decade! Walk this Way-Aerosmith All the Girls Love...
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The List is “Alive”
As Gene Wilder once said “it’s alive!”  Well, that’s pretty much the gist of today’s list! Alive-Pearl Jam Don’t Take Me Alive-Steely Dan Love Alive-Heart Alive and Kickin’ –Simple Minds Love is...
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Stream of Consciousness Rock
Bob Dylan starts it and there’s a “reunion” at the end of it.  Today on The List, Dan’s plugging into the “stream of consciousness” in rock! Subterranean Home Sick Blues-Bob Dylan It’s the End of the...
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Rock’s Greatest Concept Albums
Dan has conceptualized another list to share with you today.  He’ll be counting down the top 5 concept albums in rock.  Number 5 may be a head scratcher and number one is a no-brainer! Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy-Elton...
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Best of the Bad
It’s the best of the “bad” today on The List.  Join Dan as he plays 5 tunes that are so bad…they’re good!   Bad Moon Rising-CCR Yer So Bad-Tom Petty Bad Company-Bad Company Born Under a Bad...
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“Count Me In”
You can count on hearing The List every weekday afternoon at 4 and today you’ll be getting a dose of “count-ins.”  5 songs on which the rockers left the count in on the recording…some even in other languages....
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Songs with the word “song” in the title
What song “trait” do Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith have in common?  While you cogitate on it, rest assured that Dan has the answer today at 4 on The List! Songbird-Fleetwood Mac-Update...
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The Top 5 British Bands That Aren’t…
Quite simply, today’s “The List” with Dan Mitchell features the top 5 British Bands that aren’t The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, or Cream. Train in Vain-Clash Photograph-Def...
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Top Rock Vocalist Male
You ever think about being able to sing like some famous rocker?  Well, Dan does.  Today at 4 on The List, join him as he shares his top 5 male vocalists.  His final choice may just be the greatest rock vocalist ever. Fortunate...
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