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Colorado Connection- Ginger Baker

Colorado Connection: Ginger Baker 

Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker (born 19 August 1939 in Lewisham, South London) is an English drummer who played with Cream and Blind Faith. He is also known for his numerous associations with World music, mainly the use of African influences.[1] He has also had other collaborations such as with Gary Moore, Hawkwind and Public Image Ltd.
Baker's drumming attracted attention for its flamboyance, showmanship and his use of two bass drums instead of the conventional single bass kick drum (following a similar set-up used by Louie Bellson during his days with Duke Ellington). Although a firmly established rock drummer and praised as "Rock's first superstar drummer",[2] he prefers being called a jazz drummer.[3] Baker's influence has extended to drummers of both genres, including Billy Cobham, Peter Criss, Bill Ward, Ian Paice, Nick Mason,[4] and John Bonham. AllMusic has described him as "the most influential percussionist of the 1960s" and stated that "virtually every drummer of every heavy metal band that has followed since that time has sought to emulate some aspect of Baker's playing." (Courtesy

Beware of Mr.Baker!- movie clip

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Cream- "Sunshine of Your Love" Live

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Ginger Baker Annihilates the Drums from Beware of Mr. Baker!

See more clips from the 2012 documentary, "Beware of Mr. Baker"

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