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Barrel of Monkeys 5 O'Clock Edition

Mike's Official "Barrel of Monkeys" Rules and Regulations
Mike’s Official "Barrel of Monkeys" Rules and Regulations
1. I, Mike Casey, am KING of Monkey-Dom. Whatever I say goes! Unless the wife calls and tells me to say something different.  Then, whatever she says goes.
2. Why is it called Barrel of Monkeys you ask? Maybe you remember the childhood game where you connect plastic monkeys to each other? If not, click here.
3. The phone number you need is 303-631-2995. 
4. Songs connect alphabetically, last letter to first letter. If you are alphabetically challenged, Barrel of Monkeys may not be for you.
5. Articles (i.e. “The” “An” “A”) do NOT count as part of the song title. Therefore, “The Long Run” from the Eagles, is an “L” song, not a “T” song. (Unless it becomes more convenient for me to call it a “T” song…..problem with that? See Rule #1 above.)
6. “E” endings and “N” endings come up all the time. The 2nd time we get an “E” or “N” ending in an hour, I reserve the right to call for a “Wild Card”- any song any letter.  
7. Actually, I reserve the right to call for a “Wild Card” song any time. Like Steve Martin, I too am a “wiiiild and craaaaazy guy!”
8. The Beatles “Yesterday” is a great song, but let’s stretch the suggestion boundaries a bit next time we come to the letter “Y” okay? Okay.
9. Barrel of Monkeys moves FAST. I recommend not getting up to go the bathroom when the monkeys are loose ‘cuz once you get lost, you’re lost forever!
10. If you ask for “Downtown” by Petula Clark, “Windy” by the Association or “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone, I will probably make fun of you on the air. No, scratch that, I will DEFINITELY make fun of you. You’ve been warned.

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