Mike Casey Interviews John Oates from Hall and Oates

Tuesday, April 18th

.Mike Casey Interviews John Oates from Hall and Oates


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Over the last forty or so years he and his musical partnered Daryl hall of sold untold millions of albums they've got a slew of top forty hits many of which have become rock and roll and pop standards over the years he's one half of the legendary duo Holland notes I'm joined right now by John Oates who just released his memoir called change of seasons. Look about two weeks ago to reject John sure you've been asked funny at times to do this over the course of your career why did you decide to do the book now. The only definitive story in I didn't set out to do all the notes to but can't Howard separate my my own light from. The thing that's been doing basically you know the last forty actually if there for a little. Oh look my biggest challenge in doing that memoir would collect some personal story. To immediately you know bill all of those story which is here again part of my life where we go look at what the world thinks about it so far so good. You and Darryl both grew up in and around Philadelphia you kind of moved in similar musical circles for a long time but that really the first if you wanna call the Big Bang moment you guys were actually different bands at the time the both your bands were playing a gig at the adelphi ballroom in Philly right. Quote I can't. Move records single which will be played on a little fear RB stations at the same time. I don't like that you know screaming teenage can't do dealt with a little less so in which would come at a bad neighbor. Basically waiting to go on and a gang fight broke out in the crowd. And got really crazy and neat beating up the elevator and that we did we actually got injured and then broke up shortly thereafter. There. I could back him on the good players in San Diego and then the group broke up shortly thereafter that. Need to know that gravitated the other. My guess I'm not you know five amounts in his John Oates from legendary dual Holland notes Jesus memoir changes seasons came outs couple weeks ago a lot of people know John you've made Colorado specifically Aspen Colorado home for a number of years now. Tell me about your first trip your Philadelphia did tell him by your first trip. Out here. Back in late sixties. I was in college I remember was there a special welcome. The hotel blue ocean. You know like didn't go. I'm limited on an airplane could never let go. Look napkin and would it be you know kind of anger out and it seemed gender and group playing in a little bark and no matter and I just fell in love with Colorado and in my you know my career in the late eighties when I had a pretty serious change in my life for the divorce and financial issues and this food thing either basically ignore under the start over again and I couldn't think of a better place than Aspen Colo sort. Typically move there and just glad people who will reinvent myself. Pretty early on the book John you referenced the date 11227. You won November 22 1971. A particularly important age in the early part of the Hall & Oates music career right well what happened on that there. It was it was our first recording contract or major label. A major label collision nearly Atlantic records you know the home of great openly at Franklin and my idol you couldn't have a better you know introduction to professional music. You would be another couple years after that that you guys that all of those really became big time mainstream. Hit makers let's say and one of the first songs that did that for you guys. Which she's gone a song that you had started and was actually was based on of real life experience to me about that. Yeah sort of increased interest in some way shape or medical home a little bit night at the Greenwich Village of political night diner basically. You look cool and very gloomy and we hung out for a bit and then I wanted to and I chic I'm not the gay community and she showed up. I was just about myself I have to go to Qatar and fruits and who dreamed about cheap. All local line and this little kind of sad little. Really had was of course the idea. That and he says don't. There's really crude look at the group. Let me just wrote a song I mean immediately I mean it didn't take runner and power to. It may be tough to generalize would do you fines or have you found that those songs that com that quickly that that seemingly. Effortlessly. Oftentimes those are the ones that did turn out to be the best songs stand the test of time be the most popular however you wanna say it. There's different there's no formula there's no rules and you get an idea that. You know where you can groove like I had the idea for many years. Well I was thinking was wait it out and I play around the first moments like that and finally got you yeah and I English suggestion to change the group. And get a little bit more remote town he. My guest on 995 amounts in Jun 021 half of the duo Holland notes his memoir of change of seasons is in stores right now there's a moment you reference in the book John in the in the mid eighties where it sounds like without even having much of a conversation about you wouldn't Daryl realized that you both needed to. Take a break from Holland notes for a little bit it is our right. We have completed the circle the one of the first things that we did together. Let's go to new York and I backed up girl group and video showcase at the village gate in the indeed in Greenwich Village. The show. Well. The temptations and he was only let them. Certainly we're gonna go to the policy temptations. I didn't tell me what we're gonna go backstage and onstage to her and hang out with that kind of blew my mind and I thought they did pretty cool guy here. Gotten going and won't let them get all of that you know I'm that would temptation said the firm well and fresh food in 1985 British troops. We're playing yet all of and you played eighty ginger can be referenced the principal lead singers of the temptation twosome went out and basically recreated that moment. We were on stage with them. As opposed to sitting in the audience and it's happened I look like any circle have been completed this. Will lose you know we've never expected to go anywhere. Have really taken on a kind of sums different significance. People don't realize that it it was. A great moment for us to step away. It's nice when the universe gives you signpost slick that is and it didn't go to a good equipment yeah. Our John notes one half of the legendary duo Holland notes thanks for taking the time to join me we you know we love the fact that you're Colorado resident we might see you up and around aspirin sometimes. And congratulations. On the new memoir changes season's best of luck for continued success. You're in the book now.