Question ALMOST Impossible

Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 10/9

Monday 10/9 Q: The longest documented one of these lasted four weeks. A: A hangover Tuesday 10/10 Q: This is an actual measurement equaling 126 gallons A: A butt load Wednesday 10/11 Q: 33% of Americans don't do this A: Meet their neighbors Thursday 10/12 Q: The average lifespan of this is six...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 10/2

Monday 10/2 Q: Coffee was the first food product to have this done to it A: Freeze drying Tuesday 10/3 Q: 1 in 5 men wish their wife/significant other would do this at night. A: Investigate a strange noise Wednesday 10/4 Q: This animated event happened only one and it happened in 1980 A: Wile E...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 9/25

Monday 9/25 Q: This children's book was written on a bet A: Green Eggs and Ham Tuesday 9/26 Q: More than 75% of men have done this. A: Asked their girlfriend's father for permission to marry her Wednesday 9/27 Q: Married men do this twice as often as single men do A: Change their underwear Thursday...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 9/18

Monday 9/18 Q: On average, Americans do this 500 hours more per year than the French do A: Work Tuesday 9/19 Q: 70% of women are attracted to men who do this A: Bake Wednesday 9/20 Q: This animal has a dominant hand A: A lobster Thursday 9/21 Q: The first one of these was invented in 1895 A: A slot...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 9/11

Monday 9/11 Q: On average the Pentagon uses 600 of these every day A: Rolls of toilet paper Tuesday 9/12 Q: This can be heard from up to 5 miles away A: A lion's roar Wednesday 9/13 Q: Technically this is possible, but only if you start in Argentina A: Digging a hole to China Thursday 9/14 Q: 8% of...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 8/28

Monday 8/28 Q: In Fance, this is typically pink A: Toilet paper Tuesday 8/29 Q: This food contains the highest number of insects/insect parts A: Coffee Wednesday 8/30 Q: 6% of Americans do this when driving A: Back in to park Thursday 8/31 Q: This travels at approximately 100pmh A: A sneeze Friday...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 9/4

Monday 9/4 Happy Labor Day! You'll have to wait for tomorrow for the week's first question. Tuesday 9/5 Q: Mr. Potato Head has the distinction of being the first toy to ever do this. A: Have a commercial on TV Wednesday 9/6 Q: The average American does this 6 times per year. A: Catch a cold...
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American dads are older than ever! 

Plus Marijuana health benefits, a testicle festivale!, pumpkin spice is running rampant, amazon prime delivers booze, smart people swear a lot, and the Patridge family turns 41. 


Would you admit you got fired on for a free burger? Casey thinks this ad campaign is a little off the mark. 

Plus Question Almost Impossible, Target wine, flirting at the gym, someone gets a really bad Floyd Mayweather tattoo, and Casey has a new diet for you.