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AUDIO: Don't Die of Candy Over Consumption!

Halloween is all about costumes and candy, but mostly candy, right?! You may want to limit the number of treats you're jamming in your mouth this year though. According to the American Chemical Society, there is a limit to the amount of sugar humans can safely eat. The researchers found that eating...
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AUDIO: Hands Off Our Pumpkins!

Nobody likes a pumpkin thief! In St. Louis, three teenagers were caught with nearly 50 stolen pumpkins. Police were determined to get them to their rightful owners, and devised a "pumpkin lineup." Anyone missing their Halloween pumpking was invited to come on down and take a look at the recovered...
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AUDIO: Scare Yourself Skinny

Scary movies make your heart beat a bit faster, maybe they make your palms sweat, sometimes it feels like you can't catch your breath. Sounds a bit like working out, doesn't it? Turns out, the two activities may have a similar effect. A new study shows that scary movies can actually cause viewers...
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How to hide your NSFW photos

We’ve decided to really bum you out today, at least to start. Don’t worry, eventually Mike and Allie turn it around. Fats Domino , pioneer of Rock and Roll died yesterday at the age of 89. Clarence Purvis of Glennville, Georgia, is 93 years old and eats lunch with his wife , Carolyn every day...
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AUDIO: Happy to be in Colorado

Things are just happier up in Boulder. It's true, they really are! This is according to a study conducted by National Geographic author Dan Buettner and Gallup social scientists. They interviewed residents in 190 metropolitan areas in the US on metrics that gauge happiness, including vacation time...
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