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AUDIO: Life Alert or a Space Suit

Hartwick is convinced she needs Life Alert. Casey seems to think a space suit will do the trick. Not sure, but we'll hear him out. It is a pretty fancy space suit after all. In Italy, people are more in need of a snow suit. The city of Rome had a very rare snowfall , and schools were forced to...
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AUDIO: Fat Bottomed Girls Will Outlive Us All

If Baby Got Back was pretty mich written about you, you've got another reason to shake it! New research suggests that women with larger behinds had lower risks of coming down with several diseases. This study also suggested that women with bigger bootys were at lower risk of developing cardiac...
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AUDIO: Leg Day at the Mountain

Hartwick's legs are aching and Emoji lobsters are missing a few . Rough day for limbs 'round here! It's a good day to be Dan Hardee though! According to a new study , tall husbands and short wives make the happiest couples. Everyone is short compared to Dan, so he's got a real shot at some serious...
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AUDIO: Don't Dry Your Undies on a Plane, Please

People have seen a lot of strange things on planes, but this is one of the odder airplane actions we've ever heard of. A woman was recorded on a flight from Turkey to Moscow drying a pair of underwear using her seat's overhead vent. They must have been pretty damp because she allegedly held the...
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AUDIO: Grown Up Scratch & Sniff

Remeber those cool scratch & sniff stickers that smelled like grapes or vanilla? Well now, there's a scratch & sniff out there for beer lovers, or wannabe beer lovers! The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer is an actual book that features stickers to help you really understand what'sgoing on...
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