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AUDIO: You Look Like A Couple Thousand Bucks

Can you tell if someone's rich, just by looking at them? Turns out, yes! According to a new study , most people can tell if you're wealthy, just by looking at your face. People with money tend to live happier, less stressful lives compared to those struggling to make ends meet, and that stuggle can...
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AUDIO: Mike & Allie Will NOT Thank the Academy

Between fishy films, sub-par scripts, cable outages, and endless ceremonies, Mike and Allie were not super impressed with this year's Academy Awards. There were plenty of great moments, including Jordan Peele's historic win for Best Original Screenplay, so it's impossible for them to hate on the...
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AUDIO: And the Oscar Goes To

The 90th Academy Awards are happening this Sunday! Hartwick is all amped up about the movies and the show, Casey could not care any less. Wether he cares or not, Hartwick did make him fill out an Oscar ballot . Check back on Monday to see who guess the hight number of winners correctly (Hartwick is...
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AUDIO: Hello, Earth to Moon!

Some places on earth have terrible reception, but next year, the moon will have 4G! German telecommunications company Vodafone announced a partnership with Nokia and Audi to launch cell tower equipment into space aboard a SpaceX rocket (Elon Musk does everything). The network will make it possible...
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AUDIO: No Pancakes On Pancake Day?!

It's National Pancake Day and someone, Mike and Allie ended up pancake-less. Really not ok. It's a miracle they made it through the morning. While The Morning Show may be able to wax poetic about, well, pretty much anything, some people struggle to express themselves. If you're one of those less...
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