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A Lifetime Supply of Liquor

What would you pay for a lifetime supply of liquor? Online retailer Alibaba o ffered a lifetime supply of booze for about $1,700. What a deal! They only offered 33 lucky people this bargain, but they will each get 12 bottles of an 80-proof grain alcohol per month for, the rest of their lives. If...
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AUDIO: Get Paid to Vacation

We've all had the impulse to quit our jobs and move to our favorite vacation spot. It's an awesome fantasy, that for one perfectly qualified person, will become a reality. The tourism website is searching for a CEO - Cancun Experience Officer. This lucky lad or lass will get $10,000 a...
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AUDIO: Happiness is Contagious

Surround yourself with positive people! According to a neuroscientist, your happiness has a lot to do with the people around you. A study out of Northwestern University suggests our brainwaves actually start to sync with those around us, and we mimic their behavior. So, on some level, if you want...
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Today on The Morning Show: Please Send Nudes

If you are worries about those NSFW photos ending up on social media, Facebook Australia has a solution: upload them to social media. It sounds counterintuitive but, the idea is that once Facebook has access to a photo, it can prevent similar photos from being shared on Facebook, Messenger, and...
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AUDIO: Too Much to Tweet

Twitter now has two times the text! That's 280 characters to do with what you will. Reviews are mixed from Twitter users, and even Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick can't agree on this, but whether you feel good, bad or inbetween, you got the extra characters and might as well use 'em! If the extra...
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