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AUDIO: Managing Holiday Expectations

Knowing how much to spend during the Holidays isn't easy. According to a new survey , men and women have very different ideas on how much to spend. Women plan to spend an average of $170 for holiday gifts for their significant other, but they but expect gifts worth $250. Men on the other hand, only...
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AUDIO: Proper Tree Transport

You've done it. You've found the perfect Christmas tree. Congrats! It's beautiful. Now how are you going to get ot off the lot and into your house? This is a conundrum many of us have faced, and many of us have made the wrong choice and ended up compromising our safety, a la Clark Griswold. Police...
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AUDIO: A Good Tuesday to Give

First there was Balck Friday, then Cyber Monday, now, for an altruistic quasi-holiday, Giving Tuesday. Today people are being encouraged to donate their time or their dollars to the people of their community by doing something to give back. has a list of resources, including local...
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Coffee Fixes Everything

The first day back from a long weekend is rough, thankfully, there's coffee. Coffee can do a whole lot more than just provide that Monday morning pick-me-up, it's is pretty much a miracle drug. New research has found that drinking coffee was linked to a lower risk of heart failure, stroke and...
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AUDIO: Hot Cheetos on Your Turkey

There are hundres of ways to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, and everyone swears by a different method. We're pretty sure this prep is brand new, and we're also pretty sure we hate it. A new tip from Reynolds (the foil guys) suggests crushing up hot Cheetos and spreading them on your bird. Ew. We...
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