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AUDIO: How To Fly With Fewer Germs

Ever wondered if there's a seat on an airplane with less germ exposure than the rest? The answer is yes, sort of . Researches from Emory University in Atlanta found that a window seat will expose fliers to the fewest germs, but moving around the plane during the flight degate that germ-free...
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AUDIO: You Can't Buy Happiness

We've heard it a zillion times, money won't make you happy, and Warren Buffet agrees ! If anyone knows anything about money, it's this guy, so maybe his advice is worth following? Even so, we think even an extra $20 might turn this day around! Wanna know what money can buy? A 200 oz steak (that...
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AUDIO: Pickle Slushies, Great or Gross?

First there were pickle back shots, then cam pickle sports drinks, now, pickle slushies? Yes. Starting this summer, Sonic will be serving up some salty slush, perfect for any serious pickle lover. The Morning Show still doesn't know what to make of this. Whether or not Millennials like the Pickle...
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AUDIO: Mike Casey, Motivational Speaker

Apparently, Millennials are suffering from what's being called a Quarter-Life Crisis , and Mike Casey has some great advice for them. If you really want to feel like you've got almost no reason to keep of trying, then boy oh boy, do we have a motivational speech for you! Motivational Casey (...
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AUDIO: Where Does the Fat Go?

Ever wonder what happens to the fat in your body when you "burn it off" at the gym? It's not actually burnt up, it actually exits your body in a fairly unlikely place! When your body start's using the energy it has stored in fat, it's converted to carbon dioxide and water . You breathe out the CO2...
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