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AUDIO: The Force is Strong With This Show

Long ago, at a radio station not far away.... It is a time of darkness and exhasution. Caffeine forces, striking from an arabica bean base, have had their first victory over hosts' yawns. It's Star Wars day! While Casey never hopped all the way on the Millenium Falcon, Hartwick is ready to nerd out...
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AUDIO: What are We Searching For?

Google has released its annual list of the top searches , and Hurricane Irma ranked at number one. The second-most searched term was "Matt Lauer" and "Tom Petty" ranked third overall. While he placed second in overall searches, Matt Lauer was the most-searched person in 2017, followed by royal-to-...
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AUDIO: A Christmas SWEAT-er

Ugly Christmas sweaters are so 2016. This year, you can sport a sweatshirt with festive sweat stains . You read that right, festive sweat stains. At first glance these garments look like your average, post-gym perspiration rag, but they are so much more. Sweat is silhoutted into chrsitmas trees,...
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AUDIO: Which Drink Kills the Most Germs?

Alcohol can be pretty handy when it comes to killing bacteria, and it turns out, even alcoholic drinks might be real germ fighters . In a recent study, 52 strains of bacteria were found living in ice cubes. Luckily, the scientists who discovered these germy cubes, also also tried to figure out...
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