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AUDIO: Hot Cheetos on Your Turkey

There are hundres of ways to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, and everyone swears by a different method. We're pretty sure this prep is brand new, and we're also pretty sure we hate it. A new tip from Reynolds (the foil guys) suggests crushing up hot Cheetos and spreading them on your bird. Ew. We...
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AUDIO: Happy Thanksgiving, $30 Please!

It's a lot of work, and money to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Most hosts/hostesses ask guests to bring a side or two to help out, but some are taking things a bit further. Some people actually charge their friends and family to eat . We understand all too well that food is expensive, but doesn't...
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AUDIO: Pants That Grow With You

Say goodbye to tight waistbands on Thanksgiving night! Stove Top , yes the stuffing company, has figured out a way to stuff you into something a little more comfortable this holiday, for just $20! They're called Thanksgiving Pants . They are stretchy, comfortable, and very ugly. Joey Tribbiani...
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AUDIO: Flight of the Phoenices

They aren't even real and they still manage to be offensive! A new high school in Farmington, Utah has chosen the Phoenix as their mascot, and some parents are not happy about it. The problem that some anticipate, is that when students cheer for the team, they might not shout "go Phoenix" and will...
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AUDIO: Just Say No to Christmas Music

If you're listening to non-stop holiday music, it might not actually be the most wonderful time of the year. According to a new study, hearing Christmas music on a loop can be straight up bad for your health. The effect of the repetitive music can be psychologically draining, even damaging. There...
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