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No One Really Disconnects

Vacation can be a great time to relax, and leave all the emails and social media posts behind. But, A new survey has found that the average American adult checks his or her phone once every 12 minutes on vacation. Whether we're playing games or catching up on the news, 53 percent of Americans admit...
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AUDIO: What is this Sorcery?!

While Casey and Hartwick are busy losing their minds over Laurel/Yanny , things are actually happening in the world. To the amusement of Milennials everywhere, a retirement expert has claimed that you should have twice your annual salary saved by the age of 35. Yeah, ok. If that seems a bit far-...
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AUDIO: What Do Moms Really Want?

Flowers? Breakfast? A cute mug? What do moms actually want? Well, none of those things! According to a survey , 52 percent of moms said they would love some extra sleep. A majority of mothers surveyed said a perfect day would include sleeping in, some alone time, and low-key evening with family...
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AUDIO: Chump Change for Billionaires

Life must be easy for billionaires, things like extravagant vacations and huge houses are no big deal! Turns out, that's pretty true . Some number-crunchers at Business Insider figured out what it must feel like for a billionaire to make big purchases, and compared them to purchases of an average...
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AUDIO: The New Runner's High

Generally, the acts of using marijuana, and exercise, don't really go together, but that may be changing! Some endurance athletes are experimenting with marijuana and realizing that smoking weed can improve their performance and also enhance the "runner's high" they experience while out on the...
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Where is Home?

When you think of "home," where do you picture? According to a new survey , most of us consider our childhood home to be our true home. Many respondants cited nostalgia as their reason for favoring their childhood home above all others. One very special childhood home has been added to the National...
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