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AUDIO: Grown Up Scratch & Sniff

Remeber those cool scratch & sniff stickers that smelled like grapes or vanilla? Well now, there's a scratch & sniff out there for beer lovers, or wannabe beer lovers! The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer is an actual book that features stickers to help you really understand what'sgoing on...
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AUDIO: So Many Holidays!

Yes, today is Valentine's Day, so go hug someone you love. It's also Ash Wednesday, National Organ Donor Day and Ferris Wheel Day. That's a whole bunch of stuff to celebrate, and only one tiny day to do it! Best of luck. Loads of people are giving flowers on this meg-holiday. UPS estimates it will...
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AUDIO: Now THIS Election was Rigged

"Totally unfair," were just two words used by Mike Casey and Allie hartwick to describe the finalists for DIA's new voice. Not that the finalists aren't deserving, it's just that Casey wpuld have been so much better at it, and a lot more fun. That being said, we suppose congrats are in oder for Kim...
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AUDIO: Everybody PeyongChang Tonight

The winter games are underway! Local snowboarder Red Gerard won the first medal for Team USA this weekend in the men's slopestyle competition. He's just 17 years old, and he'll be bringing a gold medal back to Silverthorne. No comment on what the Mountain Morning Show was up to when they were 17...
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AUDIO: Why Would You Flush a Hamster?!

Many airlines are cracking down on "emotional support animals," especially since someone tried to bring a peackock on a flight. Spirit airlines recently told a woman she was not allowed to bring her hamster on board a flight to Miami, which led to her flushing the hamster down the toilet. We have...
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