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AUDIO: Happy Tax Day to You!

Today is the day, we all pay (or get paid by) Uncle Sam. According to a survey , 24 percent would get an IRS tattoo if it meant never having to pay taxes again. Some people, who really hate paying taxes, would stop talking for 6 months, and 11 percent would name their child “Taxes” if they could... Read More

Metallica & All Within My Hands Announce Day of Service

Metallica & All Within My Hands have named May 23 a “Day of Service.” The band formed All Within My Hands last year as a way of “making the world a better place through local community support” and encouraging fans to volunteer in their communities. In line with the foundation’s mission, the... Read More

Tax Day Deals & Freebies Around Colorado

Tax Day is Tuesday April 17th! While it can be a bit stressful for some, there's a bunch of businesses who are making things a little easier with some deals and freebies! Our friends at Fox 31 Denver put together a list of all of them, which you can find HERE . Read More

Metallica Invite You To Join Them For A Day Of Service

Metallica and their All Within My Hands Foundation want you to join them in a day of volunteering! It's all happening May 23rd at food banks around the country, and if you sign up to work through their website, you'll get a special T-shirt from the band. Food Bank of the Rockies Volunteer Shifts: 8... Read More

AUDIO: Hand Dryers are Basically Poop Flingers

We all know that hand dryers are the most environmentally-friendly of hand sanitization options, but they may not be the most sterile. A new study from the University of Connecticut finds they spread fecal matter onto people's hands.Scientists found bathroom bacteria from feces gets "aerosolized"... Read More