Allie Hartwick Blogs

Not All Girl Scout Cookies are Created Equal!

Did you know the Girl Scout Cookies we gere here in Denver are different than the ones you can buy in Nebraska and Kansas? Just a few hours east and the cookies have different textures, sizes, even different names! How does this happen? The Girl Scouts use two different bakers to producer their... Read More

Casey Says No to Group Workouts

The team that spins together wins together. That's Hartwick's motto. Casey will do pretty much anything to avoid a workout, including dragging poor Dan Hardee into a Morning Show disagreement. Read More

Changes to DPD's Use Of Force Policy

The first of three community forums on the Denver Police Department's new use of force policy will be happening tonight. Police Chief Robert White says all public comments will be taken into consideration before the policy is made final. Tonight's forum is scheduled for 5 p.m. at the Boys and Girls... Read More

Get Ready in 5 Mins - Hartwick Style

Doing your hair and makeup can take time and a lot of effort. Not when your name is Allie Hartwick. Casey is continually impressed by her ability to complete her daily makeup routine with no mirror in less than 5 minutes. She also swears ANYONE can look great by following her simple process. Video... Read More

Got a Ballot Question?

Ballots are being sent out as you read this across the state. If you've got your ballot, and a few questions, there is an easy way to get an answer! Now you can text keywords and phrases that might be giving you a bit of trouble to 303-653-9668 , and get an answer! This number will provide... Read More
Kenneth Bone Listens Intently

Kenneth Bone - Winner of the Presidential Debate

The 2nd Presidential debate was heated, to say the very least. Nominees Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton took jabs at one another while attempting to answer the questions of several undecided voters in the audience. One of these voters, was style icon Kenneth Bone. In the middle of the insults and... Read More
Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte's New Sponsor

Ryan Lochte is has earned a few new sponsors in the past week, but that latest, which he announced on his Instagram page , may have found the perfect spokesperson. Video of Ryan Lochte partners with safety device maker Robocopp Read More
It's not easy being Millenial

Tips for Working with Gen X'ers

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick are actually friends, we promise, but sometimes their differences in age make life at The Mountain... well... interesting. Allie feels like she's in the position to lend a helping hand to Millenials everywhere, forced to work alongside those of us who have never... Read More
Voter Registration Text

Text to Vote

November's elections are rapidly approaching. If you haven't registered to vote in Colorado yet, grab your phone and send a text. Texting the word "Colorado" to 28683 will get the whole process started. Seriosuly, couldn't be easier. Read More
Green Diving Pool

Olympic Diving Tank Turns Green

The Rio Olympics have had their issues, like any major international event. But this one has officials stumped. The water in the diving pool was clear blue on Monday, and mysteriously turned green by Tuesday, and the color got darker through practice and competition. The water in the water polo... Read More