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What are some of Rocks "Best Opening Lines?"

When I first started buying albums back in the early 70's, I immediately gravitated to the "words"  in the music.  I would sit down with the Liner Notes and read the lyrics as I experienced for the first time each new song.  So the following songs I found to be particularly interesting from the very first line.  "The List" tonight was some of the Best Opening Lines in music!

The Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop-“Hey Ho, Let’s Go”-The words that started Punk Rock

Joe Jackson-Is She Really Going Out With Him-“Pretty Women Out Walking With Gorillas Down My Street”-It’s just funny

Doors-Break on Through-“You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day”-This song captures the essence of Jim Morrison's mystique and sets the stage well for his tumultuous ride through Rock and Roll

Jimi Hendrix-All Along the Watchtower-“There must be some kind of way out of here, said the Joker to the thief”-Dylan wrote them but even he says Hendrix owned them

Rolling Stones-Jumping Jack Flash-“I was born in a cross fire hurricane”-Tough Imagery, couldn't wait to hear and read what was next

Warren Zevon-Werewolves of London-“I saw a Werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand”-Jesse Ventura had this song played at his innauguration as Governor of Minnesota.  There must be a hidden message!

Bruce Springsteen-Thunder Road-The screen door slams, Mary’s Dress Waves”-All the lust of teenage years perfectly communicated in one line

That's it...that's "The List."  Tomorrow night tune in to win tickets for the Elton John/Billy Joel concert November 22nd at Pepsi Center.

11/11/2009 4:48PM
What are some of Rocks "Best Opening Lines?"
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11/11/2009 7:56PM
I think Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad" belongs in this list. I crack up every time I hear the opening line saying his sister is a gold digger and a swinger.
11/12/2009 8:00AM
Mike Maine (ex hubby of Nora Maine)
Your idea to do this blog is certainly a great one! As a listener for many years, it has always been great to hear your insights and your song choices. However, you may have out-done yourself with this blog! Very creative! A person communicates best, when they enable others to get involved in the subject matter being discussed, and then add their own creative responses (if only in the other person's mind, or as discussed between good friends). This blog does that. It promotes thought, it involves us in the music, and it even helps us appreciate this art form more in the future. Thank you, as always. Mike
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