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What's in a Name...The Origin of Band Names

Tonight on "The List"-It was a refresher course on Band's and their names; Rolling Stones-Can't You Hear Me Knockin-THE ROLLING STONES -According to Keith Richards, Brian Jones christened the band in a "panic" while phoning Jazz News to place an advertisement. When asked what the band's name was, Jones glanced at a Muddy Waters LP lying on the floor; one of the tracks was "Rollin' Stone" (a Howlin Wolf tune)...A band was born.  When the Rollin' Stones signed with Decca Records in 1963...they added a "g" to Rollin...Hello Rolling Stones! Eurythmics-Here Comes the Rain Again-After a dance technique "Eurythmy" that Lennox had encountered at the Waldorf School she attended as a child. Grand Funk Railroad-We're an American Band-Name inspired by Grand Trunk Railroad that ran through their hometown of Flint Michigan Simple Minds-Don't You Forget About Me-Taken from a line in Iggy Pops song "Play it Safe" CCR-Born on the Bayou-The band took the three elements of their name from, firstly, Tom Fogerty's friend Credence Newball, (to whose first name Credence they added an extra 'e', making it resemble a faith or creed); secondly, "clear water" from a TV commercial for Olympia beer; and finally "revival", which spoke to the four members' renewed commitment to their band. (Rejected contenders for the band's name included 'Muddy Rabbit', 'Gossamer Wump,' and 'Creedence Nuball and the Ruby' Smithereens-A Girl Like You-Name came from Yosemite Sam-"varmint, I'm gonna blow you to Smithereens The Guess Who-American Woman-Their first hit in 65 had a very British Invasion the record company labeled the record as being performed by "Guess Who?" in hopes of building some kind of mystique.  Perhaps listeners and radio dj's would think it was The Beatles or some other British Invasion band. Interesting stuff...all hail Yosemite Sam!  Okay, tomorrow on "The List"-The Mt. Rushmore of Classic Rock.  There's more than 4 because it's a big mountain!  Hear the 7 bands and artists who changed the game.  3 are from Europe and the other 4...Home Grown!

02/18/2010 4:55PM
What's in a Name...The Origin of Band Names
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