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Tonight on "The List"...Classic Rock's 7 "Truly Epic Songs&q

I start with a definition; EPIC-Etymology: Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos word, speech, poem —1 : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an epic <an epic poem> 2 a : extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope <his genius was epic With that in mind, I share with you now, what I feel are the only 7 Epic Songs in Rock History Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen: An anthem for a generation and a true statement of arrival for Bruce Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen: It was in Wayne's World...Party on Garth! Freebird-Lynyrd Skynyrd: You have to admit, the fiery guitars and the tribute to Duane Allman make Freebird the Truly Epic Southern Rock Classic Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin: On par with Freebird in it's massive amount of radio requests for decades,  Stairway is one of Rocks all time great songs.  It regularly tops classic rock radio  lists around the world 38 years after it's release. Won't Get Fooled Again-The Who: Pete Townshend stated in 2006 that: "It is not precisely a song that decries revolution - it suggests that we will indeed fight in the streets - but that revolution, like all action can have results we cannot predict. Don't expect to see what you expect to see. Expect nothing and you might gain everything. The song was meant to let politicians and revolutionaries alike know that what lay in the centre of my life was not for sale, and could not be co-opted into any obvious cause."  Wrap that message with the amazing power of The Who and you've got one of the Truly Epic rock songs. You Can't Always Get What You Want-Rolling Stones: The London Bach Choir opens the song in totally Un-Stones way and from note one the mind wanders through the song, taken on a gospel journey punctated by the choir, Al Kooper's organ and Micks vocals. was prominently featured in The Big Chill during the opening funeral scene.  Dead guy hands compliments of Kevin Costner.  Epic! A Day in the Life-Beatles:   John's atmospheric vocals and Paul's always optimistic lilt followed by a massive chord struck simultaneously on many pianos brings The Beatles masterpiece album Sgt.Pepper to an Epic close That's it...that's "The List" tonight.  Rocks only 7 Truly Epic Songs.  Tomorrow night at 7 I'll be playing the top 7 British bands that aren't The  Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream or The Kinks. Tune in!

11/23/2009 5:35PM
Tonight on "The List"...Classic Rock's 7 "Truly Epic Songs"
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11/24/2009 10:40AM
Dave in Castle Rock
Re: 7 Epic songs. I'd drop Born to Run and A Day in the Life. I'd add Layla by Derek & the Dominoes and Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. Might also substitute Hotel California for one of the above. Great show!
05/17/2011 2:18PM
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06/27/2011 11:48AM
Well macdamaia nuts, how about that.
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