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Tim Tebow's Photographic Oops

Tim Tebow was snapped backstage with four female cast members from the Broadway hit musical "Rock Ages".
The problem was, the four women were dressed in stripper costumes. Oops.
When one of the ladies posted the pic to her Twitter page, Tim reportedly freaked out and demanded that it be removed.
"Rock Ages" cast member Neka Zang tweeted: "Well, Due to Tebow's 'image' I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half-dressed ladies. He does know we aren't real strippers, right? Tweeps. I'm not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks."
So far, there's been no word about the picture from Tebow or his reps.

Mike's Thoughts:  This whole thing just seems silly to me.  It's not like Tebow was caught in a picture knocking back shots of tequila while getting a lap dance at a strip club.

These women are ACTORS.  And they're in COSTUME.

The picture is no big deal even for a guy with Tim Tebow's moral high road approach to life.

By asking to have it removed he's making it a bigger deal than it really is.

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05/22/2012 4:56AM
Tim Tebow's Photographic Oops
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05/22/2012 8:46AM
Which is the biggest boob?
The tallest one on the left. Get over it Tebow, it's not all about YOU.
05/22/2012 2:28PM
I think it's 'Rock of Ages.' A very good musical, by the way .But don't go with a closed mind. LIFE HAPPENS!
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