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The Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot that Can't be Beat

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have used their powers of geek-dom to create a robot that literally can't be beaten at rock-paper-scissors.

Is the robot reading the player's mind?


It looks at your hand using it's ultra-fast motion sensors, determines what you're about to throw as you're throwing it, and then reacts quickly enough to beat you.

Thank God for the scientists at the University of Tokyo.  Money well spent there, boys.  Money well spent.

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06/28/2012 4:55AM
The Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot that Can't be Beat
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07/18/2012 4:35AM
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08/23/2012 8:44AM
Mikey, you're missing out on the culture of Japan....
Mike, the rock, scissors, paper robot actually IS pretty cool. You say it's "geekdom", but shortly after I moved from Colorado to Japan in the early 90s, I was really surprised at how the Japanese play rock, scissors, paper SO MUCH. Not a kids game with them, they use it all the time and yeah, they have fun with it. So these scientists are using a fun, yet extremely popular game for them to help develop robotics (which the Japanese are very big in working on) that can actually sense such things as hand movements so very fast. It ain't geeky, it's for scientific purposes...just using a fun and national pastime to do it with.
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