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The List with Dan Mitchell

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Posts from August 2013

Rocks Greatest Opening Tracks
They are songs that set the stage for memorable albums.  From the moment you dropped the needle in the grooves…you were hooked.  Today at 4 on The List, join Dan as features the 5 of the greatest opening tracks in rock history!

Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan
Baba O’ Riley-The Who
Welcome to the Jungle-Guns n Roses
Monday Morning-Fleetwood Mac
Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones
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Inside the Music take 3
It’s a trip “inside the music” today at 4 on The List.  One tune was inspired by the thought that owning a disco album in Tehran could get you 40 lashes, another was written on Morocco.   Here the artists talk about theirtunes…today on The List!

Rock the Casbah-The Clash
Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
Running on Empty-Jackson Browne
Shattered-Rolling Stones
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo-Rick Derringer

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People: Rick Derringer

Rock and Roll Shout Out
It’s more rock and roll shout outs today at 4 on The List-You gotta love a band or artist when you go out of your way to mention them in your song.   Kiss, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin are all feeling the love of their peers.  And, there’s one guy who is the biggest name dropper of them all.  He mentions 8 other rockers in his tune

Surrender-Cheap Trick-(mentions Kiss)
Boys of Summer-Don Henley (mentions Grateful Dead)
Sweet Home Alabama-Lanyard Skynyrd (mentions Neil Young)
Hey 19-Steel Dan (mentions Aretha Franklin)
John Mellencamp-R.O.C.K. USA (mentions a butt load of people)
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Golden Touch
It’s rockers with the Golden Touch today on The List.  Dudes who have managed to form at least 2 stellar bands and have a successful solo career to boot.  Is it Paul McCartney or Eric Clapton who deserves the top spot?  Shoot Dan an e-mail…oh and write-ins are encouraged

Stephen Stills-Love the one you’re with
Steve Winwood-Higher Love
Neil Young-Cinnamon Girl
Paul McCartney-Jet
Eric Clapton-Layla (Acoustic)
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Intro to Guitar Intros
One embodies everything that makes Keith Richards the master of rock guitar riffage, another is the guitar intro which you could argue is the best of the 80’s…and it started out as a string skipping exercise.  Dan’s got his “intro” to guitar intros today at 4 on The List!

I Feel Fine-Beatles
Sweet Child of Mine-Guns and Roses
Reeling in the Years-Steely Dan
Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin
Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’-Rolling Stones
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Rocks Best Cover Bands
Today on The List, Dan counts down his top five cover-bands.  These are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bands that have a way with someone else’s tune…as well as their own.

Dancing in the Street-Van Halen
So YouWanna Be a Rock and Roll Star-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Viva Las Vegas- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Ain’t too Proud to Beg-Rolling Stones
Twist and Shout-Beatles
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Teenage Wasteland
Dan’s calling The List today at 4 a “Teenage Wasteland.”  Join him for 5 songs which deal with the angst and passion of those teenage years.  The final two, one from early 70’s and one from the early 90’s, are anthems for two disparate generations.

Edge of 17-Stevie Nicks
Hey Nineteen-Steely Dan
You’re 16-Ringo Starr
Smells Like Teen Spirit-NIrvana
Baba O’Riley-The Who (Teenage Wasteland)
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Dan’s “Got the Blues”
Dan’s Got “the blues” on The List today.  Thanks to Mountain listener Mia he’ll be rolling different shades, and styles of blue…join him for a rockin’ shade of blue today at 4!

Midnight Blue-Lou Gramm
Electric Blue-Icehouse
Sweet Madame Blue-Styx
Suite Judy Blue Eyes-CS&N
Bell Bottom Blues-Derek and the Dominos
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People: Lou Gramm

The “Eyes” Don’t Have It (Rockers in Glasses)
Famous Rockers who easily rock the “bespectacled” look make The List Today.  It’s almost strange if you see them without their signature eyewear.  There is only one guy who could top this list and he may more glasses than anyone…ever!

Instant Karma-John Lennon
Mysterious Ways-U2-Bono
Accidents Will Happen-Elvis Costello
Roadhouse Blues-Doors-Ray Manzarek
Madman Across the Water-Elton John
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Rocks Top Rhythm Guitarists
In rock and roll, it’s the lead guitarist who gets all the fan love.  Today at 4 on The List, Dan will present his top 5 choices for rocks greatest rhythm guitarists.  It’s 4 Englishmen and rocker from down under who make the list.

John Lennon-I’m Losing You (Double Fantasy)
Malcolm Young-Back in Black-AC/DC
Jimmy Page-Communication Breakdown-Led Zeppelin
Pete Townshend-Pinball Wizard-The Who
Keith Richards-Honky Tonk Women-Rolling Stones
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The list is “Alive”
To quote Young Frankenstein; Today at 4 The List is “Alive…it’s Alive” I tell you.  With bands like Heart, Steely Dan and Simple Minds…what do you think Dan has in mind?

Alive-Pearl Jam
Don’t Take Me Alive-Steely Dan
Love Alive-Heart
Alive and Kickin-Simple Minds
Love is Alive-Gary Wright
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People: Dan Love Alive-HeartGary Wright

Midnight Madness
What happens after midnight is often kept on the down low.  Today at 4 on The List join Dan Mitchell for 5 tunes that rock the midnight hour.  One of them is from a Super Group who were such a flash in the pan (hard to do with Plant and Beck) You may not even remember them.

Midnight Blue-Lou Gramm
Midnight Rider-Gregg Allman
South City Midnight Lady-Doobie Brothers
Good Rockin’ at Midnight-Honey Drippers
After Midnight-Eric Clapton

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Rocks Greatest Movies
Today at 4 on The List, Dan is counting down his list of  Rocks Greatest Movies.  Two are fictional, 3 are concert/documentary films but only one gets the top spot.  It’s the film that falls into the mocumentary category.

  1. Tiny Dancer-Elton John-Almost Famous
  2. Burning Down the House (Live)-Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense
  3. Woodstock-Crosby Stills Nash and Young-Woodstock
  4. Further on up the Road-The Band (live) –The Last Waltz
  5. Hard Days Night-Beatles-Hard Days Night
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Meteorlogical Rock
“When the rain comes, you run and hide your head”…so said the Beatles.  Well, what about wind and thunder and lighting?  Run for cover…It’s meteorological rock today at 4 on The List!

  1. The Rain Song-Led Zeppelin
  2. The Wind Cries Mary-Jimi Hendrix
  3. Couldn’t Stand the Weather-Stevie Ray Vaughan
  4. Sunshine of your Love-Cream
  5. Lightning Crashes-Live
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