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The 7 best Debut Albums of All time

Here is my list of the most unique, awe inspiring, landscape changing debut albums in rock history;

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble-Texas Flood…With the funky twang of Lonnie Mack and the Brazen Psychedelics of Jimi Hendrix…Stevie Ray Vaughan came along when we needed him most.  During the hey day of hair bands and synth pop.  He was a rescuing breath of fresh Texas air.  Texas Flood my list of the 7 best debut albums in rock history.

Boston’s first album is still the top selling debut album of all time.  To this day, every song is played on radio.  It’s absolute perfection with Tom Scholz’s sonic, meticulously layered guitar harmonics and Brad Delp’s soaring vocals, Boston introduced us to that new sensation…Arena Rock!

Traffic-Mr. Fantasy-Steve Winwood, still a teen, left the Spencer Davis Group to broaden his musical horizons.  Along with Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi as major contributors, Traffic with their debut album merged Beatles Sgt. Pepper Psychedelia with progressive rock, jazz and improvisational turns to present a musical style pastiche we had never really heard before.  The album was engineered by Phil Brown who, when asked what was his favorite memory of engineering, responded: "Recording Dear Mr. Fantasy, one o'clock in the morning, November 1967."

Pearl Jams Ten is a powerful album.  Rolling Stone reviewed it by saying that “Pearl Jam hurtles into the mystic at warp speed.”  Allan Jones of Melody Maker suggested in his review of Ten that it is Vedder that "provides Pearl Jam with such a uniquely compelling focus."  The Album presented us with a new kind of raw, emotive, angry and intelligent rock. 

The Doors Album established a musical platform for Jim Morrison to exhibit his demons and immerse his poetry into 60’s rock consciousness via the swirling sea of music of his band mates Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore.  With songs like “Break on Through, Soul Kitchen, Light my Fire and The End, a discerning listener might have concluded that this “journey” can’t possibly end well.  The Doors remain possibly the most unique American addition to Rock History.

Finally Led Zeppelins first album which was a "sonic boom" in the rock heavens.  Blues, Metal and Mythology meet Robert Plant's other worldly vocals, Jimmy Pages' fret conquering fingers, Bonham's "Bombastic" Drums and the steady guide of John Paul Jones to create a time capsule worthy masterpiece.

Jimi Hendrix-"Are You Experienced" is number one.  Insert your thoughts as to why on this blog.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

03/03/2010 5:18PM
The 7 best Debut Albums of All time
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03/10/2010 4:53PM
Hey, about your list tomorrow, greatest drummers, well don't be silly. We all know it's Moon. FOR SURE NO DOUBT! Thought I would share.
04/06/2010 6:24PM
greatest drummers well don’t be silly
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