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The 7 Greatest Guitar Songs...

So today on The List, I played my choices for the 7 greatest Guitar songs...wait for it...wait...Off All Time!  It's all about the lick, the texture, the tone, the energy, the inability to ever turn these songs off when they come on the radio!  Here you go-

Revolution-Beatles-Fuzzy and legendary

Stay With Me-Faces-see this tutorial on how to play it-

Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin-Jimmy Page Rules

Walk This Way-Aerosmith-A most memorable lick inspired by the famous Igor line in Young Frankenstein

Statesboro Blues-Allman Brothers Band-Live at the Fillmore East...a must have

Crossroads-Cream-Eric Clapton, need I say more

Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry-All of Chuck's Children are still out there playin his licks!

Let me know what you think...and join me fo The List,  each weekday afternoon at 4

11/18/2010 1:55PM
The 7 Greatest Guitar Songs...
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11/18/2010 2:10PM
I do not know how you could possibly leave Van Halen off this list. Dreams, Love walks in, Panama, Jump, nearly any.
08/11/2011 2:59AM
You coludn't pay me to ignore these posts!
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