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The 7 Greatest Album "Title Tracks" of All Time

Sometimes when I sit down and put together another edition of "The List," it takes quite a while to put it together.  I don't have a large research budget!  But tonight's came easy to me...The 7 Greatest Album "Title Tracks' of All Time, and that covers a lot of ground.  So here, in no particular order tonight is "The List"

Let it Be-Beatles

Back in Black-AC/DC

Fly Like an Eagle-Steve Miller Band

Who Are You-The Who

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton John

Against the Wind-Bob Seger

Hotel California-The Eagles

Each of the tunes on "The List" tonight was a huge hit and is still played everyday on radio all over the world.   The albums are also catalogue giants for each artist or band.  What did I miss?  I'm waiting............?  Tomorrow night, grab your headphones or ear buds because I will be playing 7 songs that sound amazing when pumped directly into your auditory canals!  It's an honor to have you listening.

12/01/2009 4:35PM
The 7 Greatest Album "Title Tracks" of All Time
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12/08/2009 8:31AM
How's about songs with great drumming technique. not so much drum solos, or flash in the pan fast playing, but incredible playing as part of the melodic voicing, instead of simply keeping the time. example : a) "amarillo barbados" - ginger baker trio -falling off the roof or b) "monday morning" - fleetwood mac - fleetwood mac -eric
05/11/2011 5:19PM
You’ve got it in one. Codlun’t have put it better.
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