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Sue you, Sue me Blues

Why were Led Zeppelin sued for their tune Boogie with Stu?   Who was handed a lawsuit for sounding too much like…himself?  What other rockers were lambasted for ripping off their peers?  Dan files his expose today at 4 on The List.  It’s the Sue You, Sue Me Blues.

Boogie with Stu-Led Zeppelin (Sued by Richie Valens estate for borrowing from Ohh My Head)
All You Need is Love-Beatles (Glenn Miller Estate Sued)
Old Man Down the Road-John Fogerty (Sued by Fantasy Records for sounding like himself!)
I Want a New Drug-Huey Lewis (Huey sued Ray Parker Jr. for Ghostbusters Theme)
My Sweet Lord-George Harrison (Chiffons sued him)

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06/25/2012 3:55PM
Sue you, Sue me Blues
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06/27/2012 9:01AM
Death On Two Legs - Queen
Written for former manager Norman Sheffield who sued them to revel who Freddy was singing about. :-)
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