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My Big Bad List

With the help of Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen and others…Dan's bringing you his "Big, Bad List today at 3. When you hear it…your life will be enriched!

Big Log-Robert Plant
Badlands-Bruce Springsteen
Big Shot-Billy Joel
Bad (Live)-Ud
Big Time-Peter Gabriel
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Songs with Choirs

Today on The List, Dan is Rockin' the New Jersey Mass Choir. He'll be crankin' up the Islington School Choir. Join him at 3 for rockers and their choirs.

You can't always get what you want-Rolling Stones
Another Brick in the Wall-Pink Floyd
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-U2 (live)
I Want to Know What Love Is-Foreigner
I am the Walrus-Beatles
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One Hit Wonders 80’s style

Dan's rolling out some one hit wonders from the 80's today on The List. 5 bands that only managed to pull one rock hit out of hats. Well except for the one that had many more. Hmmm, how could they be a one hit wonder? Dan's gonna make it all clear today at 3
Welcome to the Boomtown-David and David

In a Big Country-Big Country
I Want Candy-Bow Wow Wow
Don't Misunderstand Me-Rossington Collins Band
On the Loose-Saga
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Sue You, Sue me Blues

Who was handed a lawsuit for sounding too much like…himself? What Beatle was sued for musical plagiarism? Dan's got the Sue you, Sue me blues today on The List.

Boogie with Stu-Led Zeppelin
All you need is Love-Beatles
Old Man Down the Road-John Fogerty
I Want a New Drug-Huey Lewis
My Sweet Lord-George Harrison
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British Americana

Americana is defined as "music that honors and is derived from the traditions of American roots music." Today on The List, Dan's giving it a different twist by featuring British artists who are quite fond of the style.

Country Comfort-Elton John
Goin' to California-Led Zeppelin
Tulsa Time-Eric Clapton
Down to the Waterline-Dire Straits
Rocky Racoon-Beatles
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Wine, Whiskey and Song

Just in time for the weekend Dan's serving up Wine, Whiskey and Song today at 3 on The List. Now if you're a beer drinker don't worry…he's got you covered!

Alabama Song-The Doors
Elderberry Wine-Elton John
Whiskey in the Jar-Thin Lizzy
Red, Red Wine-UB40
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
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Jump Up and Shout

You are invited to Jump up and shout today at 3 while Dan rock's out another edition of The List. You see, he's got some tunes with Jump, Up and Shout in the title…humor him please!

Jump-Van Halen
Jumping Jack Flash-Rolling Stones
Up Around the Bend-CCR
Even it Up-Heart
Shout-Tears for Fears
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If you’re Rockin’ and you Know it-Clap your Hands

Today's list is a real hand clapper. Dan's featuring 5 songs that feature hand claps in the midst of all the rockin' going on. Hey, if you're rocking and you know it…clap your hands!

Bang a Gong (Get it On) T-Rex
Stuck in the Middle With You-Stealers Wheel
Only the Good Die Young-Billy Joel
My Best Friends Girl-The Cars
Jack and Diane-John Mellencamp
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Top 5 80’s Break-up Songs

The first one is a cold slap in the face, the last is perhaps the one song in rock history sung with more angst than any other…Hey, you gotta feel in it in a break-up song. Dan will be counting down the top 5 break-up songs of the 80'stoday on The List.

You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi
Don't you want me-Human League
With or Without You-U2
Tunnel of Love-Bruce Springsteen
Missing You-John Waite
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Drummers Who Sing Lead

Today at 3 on The List, join Dan as he features some of rock's finest vocalists, who ply their trade from behind the drum kit. Whackin' drums and rockin' out…it's a gift!

What I Like About You-Romantics
Life in the Fast Lane-Eagles
With a Little Help From my Friends-Beatles
Learn to Fly-Foo Fighters
Up on Cripple Creek-The Band
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