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Roger Daltrey Rules!

Roger Daltrey played The Paramount Theatre tonight and so I presented on "The List", Roger's 7 greatest vocals.  It wasn't hard for me to choose because the songs I picked are among my all time favourite songs...period! 
  • Behind Blue Eyes (Who's Next)
  • Join Together (Hooligans)
  • 5:15 (Quadrophenia)
  • Long Live Rock (Odds and Sods)
  • Won't Get Fooled Again (Who's Next)
  • My Generation (1965 single)
  • Love Reign O'er Me (Quadrophenia)
Roger is easlily one of Rocks greatest singers.  To be honest, he is number one on my list because I believe it when he sings it.  And he's a really cool guy as well.  Your thoughts...what would your list be?  Choose 7 and let me know.  You can also make suggestions if you visit my "host" page on this very website.  Give me your suggestion for a future edition of "The List".  Tomorrow at 7...Rocks 7 greatest lyricists.

10/20/2009 4:02PM
Roger Daltrey Rules!
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10/21/2009 10:38AM
I am a fan as well and unfortunately missed the Paramount Show. I'd love to hear reviews. I wish more folks who like Roger Daltry had the chance to listen to his "Ride a Rock Horse" album. It is not played on the radio but derserves to be, it is a great album IMHO.
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