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Rocks Greatest Frontmen

Did you catch “The List” tonight?  It was “Rocks Greatest Frontmen”.  I chose Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen and David Lee Roth.  Freddie Mercury is my pick for number one!  That’s my take…what’s yours?  Who would you add to this list and to make room...who would you drop?  Hey, shoot me your suggestion and tune again tommorow night for a 1985 Class Reunion...on The List!

07/06/2010 2:45PM
Rocks Greatest Frontmen
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07/06/2010 3:44PM
Kent D
Good evening, Dan. Thanks for this evening's list. It's pretty hard to argue with any of the Frontmen you've chosen, but Jon Bon Jovi could be on it as well. I'd probably rank Mick Jagger and Freddy Mercury at the top (I have to admit hearing "Gimme Shelter"--with Merry Clayton's great vocals/energy helped sway me tonight). I was wondering, a decent number of groups have survived and thrived with a change of their lead singer, frontman or whatever you want to call him/her. Van Halen and Genesis come quickly to mind. Are you aware of any groups (perhaps 7 for a list) that have survived three lead changes and continued to do well even with a 3rd leader? Take care, KD
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