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Really Good "Bad" Songs

So the deal with "The List" tonight was this...Awesome tunes with the word "bad" in the title.  Simple but cool! 

CCR-Bad Moon Rising-John Fogerty says he took the inspiration from the old movie The Devil and Daniel Webster

Bad Company-Bad Company-Also inspired by a 1972 Western starring Jeff Bridges

Tom Petty-Yer So Bad-Very Dylan

Steely Dan-Bad Sneakers-The first Steely Dan song to feature Michael McDonald on background vocals

ZZ Top-I'm Bad I'm Nationwide

Cream-Born Under a Bad Sign-Also available by Homer Simpson on "The Simpson's Sing the Blues"

U2-Bad (live)-Bono says the song is about Heroin-specifically about a friend who almost died from to much of it on his 21st birthday

So that's it...that's "The List."  Tomorrow night at 7 I'll play what I feel are the 7 most memorable guitar songs of all time!

11/16/2009 5:01PM
Really Good "Bad" Songs
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11/17/2009 4:41PM
Dan, totally agree with your choices (especially the double nod to Duane), but how could you possibly not include something by Stevie Ray????
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