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My 7 Top Female Vocalists (man did I get calls)

I love it when we disagree on "The List", presented each night to you here on The Mountain.  Tonight it was my 7 top female vocalists.  Now, Jim called me and wondered how in the heck I could put Aimee Mann of Til Tuesday on tonight...well, it's MY list.  But let me make a case for Aimee.  First of all, incredible songwriter (I know, not singing) but it is the interpretation of her own material that has resonated with me.  She writes from pain, bitterness, betrayal, love, humor, and all those emotions and traits come through in her singing.  Not powerful in presence but emotive and penetrating.  So that's my rationalization Jim...and I'm sticking to it!  So, let me lay out "The List" tonight of my<operative word there> Top 7 Female Vocalists;

  • Stevie Nicks (pre-cocaine)-Enchanting

  • Aimee Mann-I explained Jim!

  • Ann Wilson-Pure Power with Heart

  • Christine McVie-Simple and Sensitive

  • Bonnie Raitt-Incredibly Cool...Sultry and Fun

  • Janis Joplin-Well...She's Janis

  • Annie Lennox-Soulful, Powerful, Operatic, Whimisical, Gets down in the Gravel...she can do it all!

That's "The List" tonight.  My 7 top Female Vocalists.  There are so many who could be included if you were to make your own Go Ahead!  Tomorrow night I'll play the 7 Best Rock and Roll songs of all time...Literally.  Join me again for "The List."

11/05/2009 5:02PM
My 7 Top Female Vocalists (man did I get calls)
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11/05/2009 5:44PM
Assuming you are limiting yourself to "Classic Rock," (whatever that is.).... I love Bonnie, but her best stuff is not rock at all. Janis has to be, but you played "Bobby McGee," a country tune originally recorded by Roger Miller. Melissa Etheridge has to be on the list. No woman rocks harder. Grace Slick was the woman who proved that a woman could sing hard rock, not just pop ballads.
11/05/2009 5:56PM
Chrissie Hynde? Perfect voice for radio rock.
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