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Posts from September 2012

Guess What? The NFL Doesn't Need Us

Ever have that experience where you feel like you’ve spent your hard-earned money somewhere that doesn’t really appreciate your business?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant or a shoe store or a car dealer ,does it?

Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 

Makes you feel disrespected as a customer.

Makes you feel like maybe that business doesn’t really deserve your business.

Well if you’re watching NFL football games and you’re not getting that sense right now I’m at a loss to explain it.

Because the NFL is telling you, and me, and football fans everywhere that it doesn’t need our business. 

Doesn’t want our business. 

They’re so big, it just doesn’t matter. 

Too big to fail….sound familiar?

According to ESPN the average NFL ticket price when purchased from a team is $78.38, up 2.5% from last year.

Wanna take your family of 4 to an NFL game?

On average 4 tix, 2 beers, 4 hot dogs, parking, program,  and 2 souvenirs will set you back $443 dollars, up 3.9% from last year.

NFL Net revenue in 2011?  Right around 13 billion dollars.

If the NFL valued your business they’d be focused on putting the best product on the field possible.

They’d be working around the clock to get this deal straightened out with the referees…..are they?

No.  Not that I can tell.
So, you draw your own conclusions.  I’ve already drawn mine.
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and 3 Positive Takeaways From Last Night's Bronco Debacle

Ok- so last night's game SUCKED!

But do not panic, Bronco Nation!

Here are 3 positive takeaways from last night's debacle that should help brighten your mood:

  1.  If you turn the ball over 4 times in a quarter and still have a chance to win the game…and end up losing by less than a touchdown that says something about your team.  The score was only 10-0 at the end of 1st Quarter—the Broncos defense is better than most people think.  Way better.  That's a positive.


        2.  Demarius Thomas 8 rec- 78 yards and a touchdown- averaging almost 10 yards p catch…that touchdown pass in the corner of the endzone?  Come on….you can’t defend that any better.  That was CRAZY athletic skills!  And that jump ball pass he pulled down in the 3rd quarter?  And this while the defense KNOWS you're going to pass the ball??  DT is a monster and best of all, he's got heart and guts.  As last night proved.

         3.  In looking back on this season, this will be the game that reminded the NFL that needed to get off their wallets and bring back the regular refs.  Last night was a officiating disaster. Phantom penalties..missed calls…..the refs completely lost control of the game in the first 15 minutes.  If this is Cleveland/Cincy- no one cares.  If it's the Raiders v. Dolphins, no one cares.  But this is a Monday Night matchup of two marquee teams.  Last night was a debacle for the NFL.  Mark my words- this will, either directly or indirectly, lend some urgency to the matter of bringing the regular refs back.

There you go. 

A positive spin on a crappy game.


You're welcome.  Go Broncos! 

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College Student Pranks Fox News
An aspiring comedian pretended to be a former supporter for President Barack Obama and appeared on the "Fox & Friends" morning show during a segment that suggested the unemployment rate for people 18-24 could cost Obama the youth vote.
But it was all a prank!
"Fox & Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson introduced Max Rice as a "recent college grad who voted for President Obama" and who "just moved out of his parents' home."
Rice interrupted Carlson's introduction, saying "S'up," and then told her, "Miss U.S.A., it's an honor." Carlson is a former Miss America winner. Things got worse from there.
Rice said: "I was a huge Obama supporter in 2008. I met him in third grade. I met him when I was little."
When asked why he is now supporting Mitt Romney, Rice claimed he lost a bet to a friend in a pickup basketball game.
When Carlson asked Rice if he was being serious, he told her: "Yeah. I can't see your face right now. This is so weird."
Fox News is investigating
A statement from the network said: "We are still examining the situation, but it will be addressed with the appropriate parties involved."
After the interview, Rice said: "They were just casting a part in a show. The first thing that shocked me is that they were that desperate to find someone that fit that category. What they were seeking is someone who voted for Obama in 2008, then somewhere in the last four years got disenfranchised and now is a huge Romney supporter. But I feel like anyone who fits that mold would also dis Romney at the same time. So, they just couldn't find anyone. They're in New York City, so they had to go find a kid in Chicago."
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Denver TV Station Makes Kid Cry
A reporter at a TV station in Denver made a little kid cry on live television. 
The reporter was doing a live shot from the Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colorado and went to point out a cute toddler in a stroller.
In the middle of the shot the boy started to cry uncontrollably. 
The anchor then chimes in saying "Way to make a baby boy cry on live television. Way to go."
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