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Posts from July 2012

Bus Driver Saves a Life with an Amazing Catch

The heroic actions of a New York City bus driver have gone viral after an amateur videographer caught him catching a seven-year-old girl who fell three stories into his arms.

Steven St. Bernard was walking home from work when he heard some yelling and spotted the girl standing on an air conditioning unit outside of a Brooklyn apartment building.

After she was caught by St. Bernard, the girl was taken to a Coney Island hospital to be treated for minor injuries. St. Bernard suffered a torn tendon in his shoulder while making the heroic catch and is now wearing his arm in a sling. According to neighbors, the girl has special needs and police didn’t file charges against her parents.

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Springsteen and McCartney Shut Down by London

Bruce Springsteen played the big rock n' roll card at London's Hyde Park Saturday night, bringing music legend Paul McCartney to the stage to join him and the band for versions of Beatle classics "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Twist and Shout".

Unfortunately for the 60,000 fans there, Hyde Park has a very serious noise curfew ordinance which "required" concert organizers to literally pull the plug on the show in the middle of "Twist and Shout".

Noise ordinance or no, who in their right mind pulls the plug on the Boss and Macca?

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Acrobat Walks Away From 650 Foot Fall

(Newser) – A blindfolded Chinese acrobat attempting to walk backwards on a tightrope for 2,300 feet across a 650-feet-deep gorge with no safety harness fell just short of his goal—and survived with just minor injuries, reports the Telegraph. The tightrope walker, Aisikaier, fell when he was only 130 feel short of his goal, but apparently dropped into some trees and bushes on the side of the slope, which helped to break his fall. He can be seen walking out of the ravine on the video afterward. The acrobat, a sixth-generation performer from the Uighur Dawa Zi tradition, later said that strong winds had made him dizzy.

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Hurdle- FAIL!

In the world of sports there are epic fails and then there are epic fails.

This young Chinese man's attempt at hurdles clearly falls into the latter category.

Bonus points for style though.
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100 Guitar Riffs in 12 Minutes? Wow.

Check out this guitar wiz who offers up 100 of the greatest guitar riffs in rock history in 12 minutes.
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