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Posts from May 2012

4 Yr Old Kid Sings A Homophobic Hit at his Church

(Newser) – A video of a 4-year-old boy singing "Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven" in front of his cheering Indiana church has gone viral—and now the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church is dealing with some unpleasant fallout, reports the New York Daily News. The church has been barraged by nasty phone calls and even death threats. In response, the church says it is on "lockdown," with members guarding the building around the clock, and pastor Jeff Sangl and his wife took off suddenly on vacation yesterday without telling anyone where they were going.
“Of course we applauded a child who is singing a song about God,” one member of the congregation tells TMZ."If we don’t teach the children the truth early they will never learn." The original lyrics of the song, by the late leader of America's largest black Pentecostal church, condemned drinking and adultery with verses like "You can't make it to heaven with a sweetheart and a wife," notes the Daily Mail

Mike's Thoughts:  Nothing says "I love God" like a song about hating gays, does it?
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Tom Brady's Boston Accent
Tom Brady's Wicked Accent from Tom Brady

In this video from Will Ferrel and the "Funny or Die" team, Patriots QB Tom Brady has a little trouble being understood in his native California.
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Skydiving Grandma Saved By Brassiere

Laverne Everett went skydiving to mark her 80th birthday.  Unfortunately, her chute didn't open.

Fortunately for her, her dive partner caught her and held on all the way to a safe landing.

wonder what she has planned for her next Birthday?
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Her Tee Shirt Got Her Kicked Off a Flight
(Newser) – A woman missed an American Airlines connecting flight because she was wearing a pro-choice T-shirt with an obscenity about what she might do to a senator. The captain of a flight the woman was exiting scolded her over the shirt that read: “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f--- a senator,” and said she would have to change before boarding her next flight. “This conversation led to me missing my connecting flight," the passenger told RH Reality Check. Her abortion stand had nothing to do with the captain's response, according to an American Airlines spokesman. “The only reason she was asked to cover up her T-shirt was the appearance of the F-word on the T-shirt," he explained. "The outcome would have been exactly the same had the message been anti-abortion.”
American's "contract of carriage" states that the airline can bounce passengers if they're "clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to others"—though that's widely open to interpretation. "The irony is that she went through several layers of personnel and was allowed to fly," one attorney told MSNBC. But another travel attorney points out that it's ultimately up to the captain. "If he thinks other passengers may get upset, it becomes a safety issue," he added. The woman boarded a later flight, wearing a shawl to cover the shirt.

Mike's Thoughts;  I don't have any problem with the message itself or a person's right to offer up the message, but I do think her choice of delivery was questionable at best.

We talk alot about Free Speech in this country (and rightfully so) but people forget that not all speech is protected under the 1st Amendment. 

And like it or not, using the F-Bomb in your political slogan doesn't make you seem smart and informed.  It makes you seem like an idiot with an axe to grind.
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Welcome to the Future! It's the Non-Stick Ketchup Bottle!

It's the world's biggest non-problem problem: getting ketchup out of the bottle.
But, engineers at MIT have fixed it. They designed the perfect bottle and ketchup cannot stick to it.
The secret is in a substance known as "LiquiGlide," a non-toxic, FDA-approved coating that can be applied to the interior of bottles. Regardless of what the bottle is constructed of, liquid or plastic, ketchup will flow out of it effortlessly.

Mike's Thoughts:  I for one sleep much better at night knowing that America's best and brightest minds are hard at work on.....condiments.

Maybe next they can tackle that issue where the mustard settles in the container and your first squirt results in "mustard water" rather than actual mustard.

Making the world a better place, one condiment at a time.
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Tim Tebow's Photographic Oops
Tim Tebow was snapped backstage with four female cast members from the Broadway hit musical "Rock Ages".
The problem was, the four women were dressed in stripper costumes. Oops.
When one of the ladies posted the pic to her Twitter page, Tim reportedly freaked out and demanded that it be removed.
"Rock Ages" cast member Neka Zang tweeted: "Well, Due to Tebow's 'image' I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half-dressed ladies. He does know we aren't real strippers, right? Tweeps. I'm not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks."
So far, there's been no word about the picture from Tebow or his reps.

Mike's Thoughts:  This whole thing just seems silly to me.  It's not like Tebow was caught in a picture knocking back shots of tequila while getting a lap dance at a strip club.

These women are ACTORS.  And they're in COSTUME.

The picture is no big deal even for a guy with Tim Tebow's moral high road approach to life.

By asking to have it removed he's making it a bigger deal than it really is.

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The Gator Whisperer? Not So Much

  • (Newser) – A North Carolina aquarium scientist planned to move an alligator from the side of a highway—but the gator had different ideas. As the scientist dropped a towel over the alligator's face and attempted to lift the eight-foot creature with his bare hands, the gator spun around, tripped the man and bit his arm while shaking its head violently. The scientist managed to struggle free from the giant jaws, kick out at the gator, and make his escape. The gator was later captured by a crew and moved to a swamp some 30 miles away, reports the BBC. The scientist was treated and released from a local hospital.

Mike's Thoughts:  "I KNEW Crocodile Dundee.  And you sir, are NO Crocodile Dundee!"
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The Battle Over "All You Can Eat"

  • (Newser) – Apparently when Chuck’s Place advertises an all-you-can-eat fish fry, it doesn’t literally mean all you can eat, as Bill Wisth discovered to his dismay Friday. The Wisconsin restaurant refused to give him any more fish after he ate 12 pieces, and eventually sent him off with eight additional pieces. Not satisfied, Wisth called the police, then returned two days later with a picket sign and says he plans to picket every Sunday until the restaurant revises its policy.
  • But the restaurant says it was running out of fish and that 53-year-old Wisth (who is 6'6", 350 pounds, and admits he can eat a lot) has been a problem before—he allegedly has a tab there that still isn’t paid off, a waitress tells TMJ4. Police gave him a warning for disorderly conduct while he was picketing, reports Mequon Now. According to the police report, he had initially refused to pay his bill, but paid after being given the additional fish.
Mike's Thoughts:  I'm all for consumer protection, but if you really need to eat more than 12 pieces of fish in one sitting I'd offer there are bigger issues at play here.
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A Dog That Can Ride a Bike....Thank God for the Internet

Norman the very smart Briard dog knows how to ride a bike.
With the help of his mom Karen Cobb, Norman has recently mastered riding his special blue, personalised bike outside his home in South Carolina.

Mike's Thoughts:  Honestly, not all that impressed.  If the dog could teach kids how to ride a bike then THAT would be something.
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Jessica Simpson Taking New Baby "To the Bank"
People magazine will reportedly pay the star $800,000 to publish exclusive photos of baby Maxwell Drew Johnson. Jess, who gained at least 40 pounds during her pregnancy, has also reportedly signed a $3 million dollar deal to promote Weight Watchers.
By comparison, Jessica's deal with People is a far cry from the $6 million the publication reportedly paid Jennifer Lopez for photos of her twins in 2008.

Mike's Thoughts:  So, let's see- Jessica Simpson made 3.8 Million off a brand new baby who hasn't done a damn thing yet.

I have 3 kids.  Where's my 11.4 Million???
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Joe Walsh Live!

Joe Walsh is out on tour as a solo this summer promoting songs from his new album "Analog Man".

Here's one of the new songs we can expect to hear at his Hudson Gardens show this summer.
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Brad Pitt- In Your Bathroom?
  • Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5. It's the first time the house has chosen a man to represent the fragrance.
  • Mike's Thoughts:  In a related story, Jennifer Aniston just threw out 82 thousand dollars in Chanel products.
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"Honey, be a Dear and Teach the Dog How to Poop, would you?"

Give her credit, she's got the basics down.

If only the dog spoke human.
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New ZZ Top- Just a Taste....

ZZ Top have posted a portion of their first new single in nine years on their website. They cut a commercial for Jeremiah Weed bourbon, which features them playing the song, "I Got to Get Paid," inside a refrigerator in a liquor store. No word yet on when the album, their first since 2003's Mescalero, will be released. It's being produced by Rick Rubin.  (premiere prep)
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A Capella Star Wars?

300 hours went into producing this a capella version of the Star Wars theme.

Geek-dom hasnow reached a new low.
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Viral Video Star Gets NFL Shot

Looks like the Buffalo Bills are open to signing viral video stars. Monmouth College quarterback Alex Tanney put a trick-shot video on YouTube that shows his doing some incredible stunts with a football.
Since the video went viral, several NFL teams asked him to compete in their rookie minicamps this month, and he accepted the invitation from the Bills.
NFL teams aren't just calling him because he's a trick-shot guy; he does have some pretty impressive stats… like the 14,429 yards he passed for at Monmouth gave him the all-time Division III record, and his 157 touchdown passes is the all-time NCAA mark.
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Hoops Stalker Shows up On Court at the Pepsi Center

Last night's NBA playoff game in Denver was interrupted when a woman wandered onto the court late in the first half of the contest.

Video showed the woman walking onto the court as the Denver Nuggets were battling the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 4 of their Western Conference quarterfinal series at the Pepsi Center.

The woman didn't make any contact with the players. She was quickly taken off the court by security personnel.

TNT reported the woman is known to the Nuggets as a fan who has a history of stalking or following players, and had been banned from the arena.

Police charged the woman with trespassing.
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Marriage Advice from Kenny and Selma- Married for 72 Years

Kenny and Selma have been married for 72 years and in this vid they offer some heartfelt, if confusing, advice to their Grandson Michael and his new bride.
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Springsteen's Tribute to Levon Helm

Bruce Springsteen brought the first leg of his Wrecking Ball tour to a close last night with his first-ever show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. And it was worth the wait as he turned in a three-hour show, complete with three tour premieres, including "Bishop Danced," released on his Tracks collection in 1998 and last played on March 2nd, 1973 in Berkeley, California. Springsteen said since it was the first time he was playing the Prudential Center he might as well play something for the first time, or in this case, a very long time.
Another premiere was "Hard to Be a Saint in the City," but the other was the highlight of the night. He spotted a sign that read, "Do one for Levon," meaning Levon Helm, the drummer and singer inThe Band who died of cancer last month at the age of 71. Calling him "Levin" [pr: Lev-in], Springsteen said he was "one of the greatest, greatest voices in country, rockabilly and rock and roll. Staggering, while playing the drums... Both his voice and his drumming were so incredibly versatile... You can't replicate it." He then broke into an acoustic version of "The Weight" before the E Street Band found their place and joined in.
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Ashton Signs On For Another Season of 2 and 1/2 Men

Ashton Kutcher will return for another season of Two and a Half Men. Co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones will also be back. says Ashton will earn about $700,000 per episode.

Mike's Thoughts:  Further proof that when it comes to career choices for your children, it's best to encourage them to be really good looking and, if possible, to marry Demi Moore.  Seems like that guarantees interest and income even in the notable absence of any measurable talent.
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