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It's the most wonderful time of the year...Football Baby!

The Broncos are locked onto training camp now at Dove Valley, with all eyes on number 15-rookie Tim Tebow, he of the top selling rookie jersey in the history of the NFL.  He will be scrutinized by those who are irked by his highly visible faith based stance, simply tolerated by others, and hailed as a stellar and heroic role model by those who agree with his views.  Either way, Tim Tebow will be watched.  I personally am excited to see an athlete of Tim's ilk in a Denver uniform.  Skill set aside, it may be that we have a genuine roll model for our children,  playing a game in our our home town. 

08/01/2010 6:28AM
It's the most wonderful time of the year...Football Baby!
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08/18/2010 12:23PM
Gary L.
I believe Tim Tebow is the real deal. If you look at his college career you see the way he picked apart his apponents and I believe with the work ethic he has displayed he will no doubt develop his exceptional college talent into exceptional NFL talent.
08/18/2010 4:30PM
Dan; You're a trooper....I remember you from the HAWK....Tenacity pays off!! Keep up the good work.
05/11/2011 5:54PM
TYVM you've slveod all my problems
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