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IKEA's Big Game Entertainment Guide

IKEA is the proud sponsor of the Bourbon & Bacon Fest VIP experience! IKEA will be providing each VIP attendee with a complimentary Bourbon glass and serving up tasty appetizers and providing recipes which will be a touchdown for your Big Game Celebration the following week. Kick your Big Game Celebration into high gear with great design and food ideas that are sure to please any guest. From appetizers to affordable décor accents IKEA’s got you covered! Check out these fabulous Big Game entertainment ideas! 


Bite Size Bacon Cinnamon Roll with Bourbon Glaze
 - 6 Cinnamon Rolls - unbaked
 - 10 Strips Bacon – cooked through but not crispy
 - 3 cups powdered sugar
 - ¼ cup Heavy cream
 - ¼ to ½ cup Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
 - 4TBSP butter
 - ½ cup brown sugar
 - ½ cup Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
 - 1 cup heavy cream
 - 1 cup powdered sugar 

Directions: Thaw 1 package ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls. Once thawed unroll each roll and cut dough in to five sections. Place cooked bacon on unrolled cinnamon rolls pieces. Re-roll in to small bit size rolls and bake at 350 for 8 minutes. Remove from oven.

 - Mix powered sugar, heavy cream and Fireball. This will make quite a bit of glaze, use for more cinnamon rolls. 

 - In a medium pot heat brown sugar, butter, and Fireball until lightly bubbling and all sugar and butter is melted. Wisk in the heavy cream and powdered sugar. Cook for about 10 minutes at a very light simmer until it has a nice caramel consistency. 
 - Dip the cinnamon rolls in the glaze and drizzle the frosting over warm rolls and sprinkle with bacon bits and serve.

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs with a Buffalo Trace Lingonberry Glaze
1 bag IKEA Meatballs
1 lb bacon
1 cup strained Lingonberry jam (3 jars)
½ cup Buffalo Trace Bourbon
¼ cup butter
¼ cup brown sugar
½ TBSP cinnamon

Directions: Wrap the bacon around the meatballs and secure with toothpicks. Cook in the oven at 350 for 12 minutes. 
 - In a medium size pot mix together the strained Lingonberry, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Bring to a light simmer and cook for 10 minutes. 
 - Put the glaze on the pan of meatballs and return to the oven for 3 minutes. 

Game-Day Decor Ideas

Outfit your house Broncos style with a $19.99 rug you can put in the closet when your wife gets mad. After the game of course! 

ULLGUMP 205.559.72
$19.99 1st floor marketplace rugs
Keep your guests cozy during the game all the while sporting Broncos colors!
(ORANGE) HENRIKA - 302.556.22 $14.99
Found in 1st Floor Textiles

(BLUE) GRULI- 202.368.94 $14.99
Found in 1st Floor Textiles
It’s all about presentation and with this GLANTA Tablecloth you can accessorize Bronco style and use it throughout the year! 

GLANTA tablecloth 802.359.95 $19.99
Found in 1st Floor Cookshop
Don’t miss a second of the game becuase you can’t find your remote! 

FLORT remote control pocket $4.99
Found on 1st floor Home Org
This serving bowl is just begging for chips! 

TRIVSAM serving bowl 101.884.26 $9.99
Found on 1st floor Cookshop
Napkins in Broncos blue? You can’t lose!! 

FANTASTIK napkins 202.099.04 $1.99
Found on 1st floor Cookshop
Bring the party to the couch so the host can watch the game too! Fill up our KLACK tray with all the goodies!

KLACK serving tray 064.104.06 $7.99
Found on 1st floor Cookshop
Make post game cleanup as easy as possible with our BYGEL kitchen cart. Also another great way to display food, drinks and other goodies during the game 

BYGEL kitchen cart 601.777.03 $24.99
Found on 2nd floor Kitchens

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