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England's Best Rock Bands...of all time!

I thought long and hard about this one tonight.  I came up with my 7 bands fairly easily.  The difficult part tonight was putting them in order from 7 to 1.  So here you go..."The List" of England's Best Rock Bands...of all time! 7-The Clash 6-Pink Floyd 5-Cream 4-The Rolling Stones 3-The Who 2-Led Zeppelin 1-The Beatles So that's it, That's "The List".  As you look at it, how would you change the order.  Should the Stones or The Who be number two and not Zeppelin?  Are the Beatles overrated?  (I can't believe I just asked that question)  Let me know what you think and join me again tomorrow night at 7 for another edition of "The List".  Equal time for the USA with America's Greatest Rock Bands.

10/27/2009 3:55PM
England's Best Rock Bands...of all time!
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06/28/2011 4:16AM
Unbelievable how well-witrten and informative this was.
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