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Doing our best to help you waste time!

The pepper-spraying cop seen at the UC Davis protest and other "Occupy" demonstrations has inspired a hilarious blog showing him using his pepper spray throughout history. Check it out at
We all waste so much time on the Internet looking for all sorts of stupid or funny stuff. But now there's one website you can check out for all your time-wasting needs. Just head to
Here's a neat one -- head to, draw a stick figure and watch as it's animated and inserted into a bizarre adventure.
Fans of both fine art and fun games will enjoy Bla Bla. It's an interactive film that you'll undoubtedly find entertaining -- even though you have no idea what it is. Check it out at
The Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest is on. There are a lot of hideous couches out there, and they're all featured at contest's official website
Those of you who watch a lot of porn -- and you know who you are -- know there are a lot classroom scenes playing on the whole schoolgirl fantasy. Oddly, there's always some sort of lesson written on the blackboard. takes screen grabs of the classroom blackboards and analyzes the schoolwork. And believe it or not, everything on the site is safe for work.
Vinnie's Pizza in Brooklyn, New York is proud of its daily specials and wants customers to know about them. So, the restaurant has created a very funny and clever specials board each day that can be seen at
The Internet is more than just a tool for wasting time. It happens to be pretty educational. In fact, you could probably educate your kids just by parking them in front of YouTube all day. OK, that may be a stretch, but one blogger is compiling a daily collection of educational YouTube videos that she believes children should watch. It's called
It seems everyone these days has a tattoo somewhere. And with so much body ink out there, it just makes sense that there would be a ton of really bad tattoos. keeps track of them all.
The Week magazine has created a hilarious Bad Opinion Generator, which is a collection of the worst opinions and off-the-mark predictions throughout history. Check it out at is a community art project where people write their secrets on postcards and mail them. It's based on a popular series of books.
For many students, the worst part about taking a literature course is that the teacher actually expects you to read a book. Thankfully, there are Cliffs Notes to offer lazy students an abridged version of the assigned reading. But for some, even the Cliffs Notes may be too long. For those students, Book-a-Minute Classics offers ultra-condensed versions of classic books. Do you need Beowulf written for you in three sentences? How about The Great Gatsby as a handy two-second read? Get these and other condensed classics at
Have you learned anything today? They say knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more powerful you are. So it pays to learn something new every day. shares a random fact each day.
An interesting fact about the death penalty in this country is that inmates awaiting execution are allowed to have anything they want for their last meal. You don't want to be sent down to a hot and dark place on an empty stomach, after all. Photographer Jonathon Kambouris is fascinated by inmates' last meal requests, so he's compiled photos of death row inmates and paired them with the items on their final menus. Check it out at
Have you ever played "would you rather"? You know, the game where you make your friends choose between two hypothetical options? is a continuous, online version of the game played by thousands.
Now this is a really great blog. It's a terrific collection of photos showing celebrities from various decades and professions hanging out together. Check it out at
A guy in Oakland, California was bummed that his MacBook had been stolen, but he knew he'd get it back someday. That's because he'd installed an anti-theft app called Hidden. The app took pictures of the crook every time he turned it on and sent them directly to the MacBook's rightful owner, who then posted each photo on his blog, Good news -- cops checked out the blog and caught the thief.
Google Earth is constantly travelling the globe snapping pictures with its nine-lens camera, and sometimes it catches something odd or poignant. is a collection of these randomly snapped pictures.
The BBC has created a clever website that helps put world events, places and many other things into perspective. uses a map of where you live to explain the dimension of things such as environmental disasters, famous World War Two battles and the moon.

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12/27/2011 5:53AM
Doing our best to help you waste time!
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