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Dan Mitchell
Weekdays 3 - 8pm
Sunday 9 - 10am

Dan Mitchell has been talking to Denver’s rock radio listeners for 32 years. He’s been voted favorite rock radio personality by readers of the Denver Post and won numerous Colorado broadcasting honors. Just as he was as a music loving teen, on the radio Dan is that guy who really wants to share the songs he likes with you. Now, his ultimate goal is for you to like them as much as he does! And Dan’s got a rather sizeable music collection to share with you weekday afternoons on The Mountain! Read more...

3 Questions:

1. What is your guilty pleasure television show? Why do you love it?
If by “guilty pleasure” it is implied that I feel a bit naughty after I watch it then my answer has to be Archer on FX. It’s perhaps the smartest and filthiest cartoon in prime time. And the big plus is the nostalgia factor with visions of Bond, Matt Helm and our man Flint dancing in my head. Not to mention all the swingin’ chicks that were part of the package!

2. If you had to choose between a zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion, which would you choose and why?
My answer is Zombies. My first reason is they are slow and stupid. Have you ever seen a fast Zombie…the answer is no. Hey, those creatures in”28 Days Later” don’t count, they were just poor, infected humans…NOT Zombies. Aliens on the other hand are totally unpredictable. I’m not comfortable with them. They might be friendly and speak English like on Star Trek or they might want to pop out of my chest and eat my face. I’m just not going there!

3. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
Born at an Early Age

Click here to see Dan's full answers and an archive of past answers.

Weekdays 3 - 8pm
Sunday 9 - 10am

Dan Mitchell has been talking to Denver’s rock radio listeners for over 33 years. He’s been voted favorite rock radio personality by readers of the Denver Post and was honored as Denver’s Best Radio Personality earlier this year at the Colorado Broadcasters Awards.

For Dan, being on the radio is a natural extension of his lifelong love of music which started as a kid in his Dad’s pool hall. It was called “The Eight Ball” and it was on Kipling and Colfax attached to Holiday Bowl. The music was always blaring from the jukebox! Dan would open up one of the pinball machines, ring up a bunch of games and play all day while he nursed a couple of Dr. Peppers and soaked up the tunes.

Move ahead 15 years and Dan was starting his radio career in the summer of 1980 at 71 KERE here in Denver. He was hired to work 10 to midnight Monday thru Friday. So he walked in for his first shift not really knowing how all this radio machinery worked. To give himself time to figure it out, Dan’s first three tunes on a station with no commercials were; Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” and Elton Johns “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding.” Nearly 45 minutes later, he cracked open the mic and uttered his first ever words on the radio…”71 K-E-R-E Denver’s Music Radio, I’m Dan Mitchell…Hi!”

Well, Dan now knows how all the “radio machinery” works and he’s a bit more talkative these days. He so much enjoys sharing his love of music with you every weekday afternoon on The Mountain. It’s been a long and fantastic trip…so far.

Thanks for checking him out and…”Have a Day!”

The List
Stage Name Origins
Rockers in The List today include Reggie, Vince and Mickey. Now, you probably know them better by their stage names and Dan will be more the happy to give you scoop on some of the most famous. No More Mr. Nice Guy-Alice Cooper Fool in the Rain-Led...
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​Intro to Guitar Intros
One uses feedback in legendary manner, another rocker from the 80's is a memorable ring tone. Today on The List join Dan for his intro to guitar intros! I Feel Fine-Beatles Sweet Child of Mine-Guns n Roses Reeling in the Years-Steely Dan Whole...
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I’m Down With That
If you want to hear another edition of The List today, Dan's totally "down" with that. Dan's getting up with 5 songs that are so down. I'm Goin' Down-Bruce Springsteen Down on the Corner-CCR I Won't Back Down-Tom Petty Don't Bring Me...
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​Let Me Repeat Myself
If you hear Dan repeating himself today at 3 on The List, don't worry worry too much about about it. It's all part of the plan plan. Mony Mony-Billy Idol Rebel Rebel-David Bowie Girls, Girls, Girls-Motley Crue Tonight, Tonight,...
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​Peter Meter
Dan's got a "Peck of Peters" today on The List. Get ready for 5 rockers called "Peter" and the real treat of The List today is a guest appearance by Mick Jagger. Solsbury Hill (live) Peter Gabriel Feeling Stronger Everyday-Chicago-Peter...
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Invasion of the Canadian Rock Star Guys
Sound the alarm and let all the people know that today at 3 on The List; it's "The Invasion of the Canadian Rock Star Guys! Working for the Weekend-Loverboy Limelight-Rush No Time-The Guess Who The Loner-Neil Young Cuts Like a Knife-Bryan Adams
​October Rock and Roll Birthday Bash
Today on The List Dan's got a bass player, 3 masterful guitarists and 1 of the top singer/songwriters of the 70's. Besides talent, what do they all have in common? Learn the answer on "The List" today at 3. Invisible Sun-Sting-October 2nd Never...
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​Rockin’ the Organ
It's an instrument that you just don't hear in modern rock music and today on The List; Dan is going to give it and the men who play it some love. You'll have to tune in to feel it's power. Soul Kitchen-Doors Karnevil 9-ELP Smokin'-Boston Whiter...
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Inside the Music
Which legendary former Colorado resident gigged with Van Morrison? What Pink Floyd song once led to an unheard of sing-along at a Floyd show? Dan's got the scoop and more when he goes "Inside the Music" today at 3 on The List. Takin' it to the...
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The Color Wheel
It's songs of many colors today on The List. Yep, join Dan at three as he explores Blue hues, green sheens and mellow yellows. It's really quite colorful! Blue Letter-Fleetwood Mac The Angels Wanna Wearmy Red Shoes-Elvis Costello Purple Haze-Jimi...
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The Bucket
The Transit of Venus-June 5th 2012
THE TRANSIT OF VENUS IS TOMORROW-Time to dust off your eclipse glasses, binoculars and posterboard, or pinhole camera and witness the transit of Venus, a once in a lifetime event! (Actually, it's a twice in a lifetime event, but if you missed it...
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Kids and Smart Phones-the hidden danger!
This morning while checking my personal facebook page, I noticed a picture had been posted from my Droid phone...but not by me.  How can this be I asked myself.  I then realized that my Grandaughter Jada (she is 2) had been looking at pictures...
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Happy Record Store Day!
The fifth annual Record Store Day takes place Saturday at independent record stores around the country. Retailers will be offering up exclusive vinyl albums and singles as well as having in-store signings and performances. Here in the Denver arep...
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Everything you need to "Spring Clean" on one annoying list!
Okay, here is your spring cleaning check me when you're done! FOYER Dust lighting fixtures. Wash walls and trim Wash doors, knobs and switch plates. Wash bench or other furnishings.  Launder bench...
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Rolling Stones Fans Make Concert Demands!
  Some Rolling Stones fans have banded together and are demanding changes to the way the group tours. The Rolling Stones Liberation Front is threatening non-violent, disruptive action to get across their demands, which are: 1) WE WANT SMALLER...
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Doing our best to help you waste time!
INTERNET FINDS OF THE YEAR The pepper-spraying cop seen at the UC Davis protest and other "Occupy"...
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Now that's a lot of Lights!
They set a record for most Christmas Lights on a residence.  338, 038 to be exact.  Good story! Thoughts-I certainly wouldn't like to find which...
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Let us get Golden Globey!
GOLDEN GLOBES: The Nominees Are In Sofia Vergara, Woody Harrelson, Rashida Jones and Gerard Butler have just...
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If this is true...
Penn State Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Rumored to Have 'Pimped' Boys to Donors and that Sandusky was told that he had to retire in exchange for a cover-up.  If you look at the makes sense...  Click here to read the story on Huffington...
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Fall colors for your viewing pleasure
Welcome to Autumn in Colorado and fall foliage has already begun to show up in some parts of the state - particularly in the high country. Peak color in the mountains occurs during the last week of September and first week of October -- but also varies...
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