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Commercial Rockers...

On the list Monday...I'll be featuring songs used to sell us products...7 of them as a matter of fact, because that's the way The List Rolls...the following two...are the best ever. The Who for Hummer- Jimi Hendrix and Pepsi- What's better?  I can't think of two others that were any cooler...your thoughts inserted here!

12/03/2010 2:43PM
Commercial Rockers...
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12/05/2010 7:01AM
bill t
Hello, At 8.55am sunday 12-05-10, you played a song by ty richy band? How do I find more information about this killer blues band? Thank You Bill
12/08/2010 7:28AM
Jim Schoendaller
Hi Dan- Here's my suggestion for a list of cruising songs. These are 7 songs you can turn up and hit the gas. For whatever reason, these songs just seem to make the mile tick off easily. 1. Truckin, Grateful Dead; 2. Highway to Hell, AC/DC; 3. Radar Love, Golden Earring; 4. Get out of Denver, Bob Seger; 5. Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf; 6. Call me the Breeze, Lynrd Skynrd; 7. Highway Star, Deep Purple Thanks
05/12/2011 1:53AM
Thanks for sharing. What a pslearue to read!
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