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7 Songs That Make Awesome Ringtones!

Tonight on "The List" I presented 7 tunes I feel make for fun, sometimes even head turning ringtones.  Intro, hook or both...these songs add some fun to your phone!  So here you go; Who Can it Be Now-Men at Work-(intro or title hook) Who Are You-Who-(Intro or title hook) Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones (Awesome intro) Who Do You Love-George Thorogood-(Rockin' Guitar Intro) Twilight Zone-Golden Earring (Intro-moody!) Sweet Child of Mine-Guns n Roses-(Intro will turn heads as phone ring) Baba O'riley-The Who (The Best Ever) So that's it...that's The List of fantastic ringtones.  I am looking for more.  What do you use or what would you add?  Now tomorrow night on "The List" it's "Band" know, Steve Miller Band, Allman Brothers Band and 5 others who make the cut.  Number one is without question the top "Band" Band of all time!

02/16/2010 4:58PM
7 Songs That Make Awesome Ringtones!
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02/21/2010 2:20AM
'The Who' is perfect really. I made one at Here is ringtone recipe
03/09/2010 5:04PM
From Pink Floyd's The Wall: "Is there anybody out there?" Your list is going to cost me money because now I'm not satisfied with my built in ringtones. Love your lists! Jan
03/09/2010 5:06PM
How about Pink Floyd's "Is Anybody Out There?" from The Wall? Love your lists, but this one is going to cost me money because now I'm not satisfied with my built-in ringtones anymore. Jan
07/25/2011 11:11PM
I think the best ringtone is: Simple Love Song by Anuhea!
10/04/2011 4:24AM
10/04/2011 9:18PM
10/05/2011 2:07PM
10/05/2011 8:41PM
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