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4 Yr Old Kid Sings A Homophobic Hit at his Church

(Newser) – A video of a 4-year-old boy singing "Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven" in front of his cheering Indiana church has gone viral—and now the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church is dealing with some unpleasant fallout, reports the New York Daily News. The church has been barraged by nasty phone calls and even death threats. In response, the church says it is on "lockdown," with members guarding the building around the clock, and pastor Jeff Sangl and his wife took off suddenly on vacation yesterday without telling anyone where they were going.
“Of course we applauded a child who is singing a song about God,” one member of the congregation tells TMZ."If we don’t teach the children the truth early they will never learn." The original lyrics of the song, by the late leader of America's largest black Pentecostal church, condemned drinking and adultery with verses like "You can't make it to heaven with a sweetheart and a wife," notes the Daily Mail

Mike's Thoughts:  Nothing says "I love God" like a song about hating gays, does it?

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05/31/2012 5:02AM
4 Yr Old Kid Sings A Homophobic Hit at his Church
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06/18/2012 1:42PM
I think that this is terible. People should be able to choose if they want to go into heaven and like the same sex. seriously this is disgusting. This is a 4 yead old boy singen that Gays, Bui's, or Lesbians wont go to heaven!? i think that this is a stupid excuse for a church. THis is just nasty.
08/03/2012 10:48AM
Hateful Church!
This church has gone off the cliff! If you're going to teach hate, start young! And then those same folks will be talking about bullies in school, etc. This is how it starts - teaching hate and ignorance to the kids. Such a sad, sad story. I think Jesus is saying: "Wow - they totally got my message wrong [without a doub]. I was teaching about love and forgiveness. I'll have to have a talk at the pearly gates with this particular congregation." Where does it talk about gays in the holy scriptures! I went to Christian school for 9 years and never heard anything about that... but that was back in the day when gays weren't out in the open. I'll be praying for all of us that we learn to COEXIST and love each other.
02/02/2013 1:42AM
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